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Toronto Is Indeed a Dangerous Place Or So the Gospel According to Toews Says– Juxtapose!!

Blogging SupposiTory Canadian  NonSense proves she needs her haldol and librium today.  Just ga ga giddy, I tell you!  I can’t do it justice: we’ ll let her start it.

SCARBOROUGH, July 16, 2010 — Today, the Honourable Vic Toews, Canada’s Public Safety Minister, announced an investment of over $2 million to support a crime prevention project entitled GangBusters at the Agincourt Community Services Association .

“Our Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is committed to preventing crime and building stronger communities,” said Minister Toews . “Today’s announcement clearly demonstrates our efforts to reduce crime and make our streets safe. Our support will have a direct impact in the lives of Toronto youth, and will help them make smart choices and avoid involvement in criminal activity.”

Read more if you dare, here .

Yeah…yeah…yeah…if the Greater Toronto area was such a dangerous place and crime was on the rise enough to justify spending tax payers’ dollars on some of these crazy programs, then tell us, where ever is the Toronto crown going to find the time to prosecute all those hundreds upon hundreds those arrested & charged  at the G20 one at a time rather than prosecute them as a group or  as groups??

Anyone wanna take a  crack at this one?

You’d think the  Toronto crown would want to expedite matters so as to get on with prosecuting real criminals. Perhaps Toronto is sorely lacking in that department and Toews and the rest of the Harpercons really don’t know what to with our tax dollars since things like universal health care or anything else that involves helping our fellow man appear to be a definite no no.

Who are the tax and spend party now??

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