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The Awesome Power of Michael Ignatieff

Shorter Lawrence Cannon (and at last estimate, about 10, 000 Tory blogs): Michael Ignatieff, evil genius, is the real Foreign Affairs Minister.

On the other embarrassing foreign policy debacle , we have this stupidity :

I’ve got an idea… let’s ask a former Liberal Defense Minister what he’d do in this situation.

“The Harper government should make a high-level, last-ditch attempt to persuade UAE to accept a six-month cooling-off period, with a Canadian commitment to treat UAE with respect, for a change, and to negotiate reciprocal airline landing rights in good faith,” Liberal MP John McCallum said.

The Liberal Party of Canada… bending over and grabbing their ankles yet again.

Because our All-Hat-No-Cattle foreign policy has worked out so well for our international reputation. Because hampering logistics in the Afghan War is the best way to show we support the troops. Because we’re a power capable of projecting our might half-way around the world — oh, wait, we can’t bomb them into submission? What’s our leverage against the UAE again?

Maybe the jaw-jaw thing isn’t so bad after all.

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