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Looks Like Harpercons Can’t Wait For The Budget To Call Spring Election

According to Susan Delacourt’s latest article, one Don Burroughs received a call from the Harpercons yesterday afternoon .  It even appears that a date has been set for March 29th for election day.  Here’s more:

Don Burroughs said he received a call from the Conservative party on Friday afternoon and was asked whether he was a supporter.

After he answered in the negative, “the caller then proceeded to tell me there would be an early spring election at the end of March.”

Burroughs said he wasn’t sure this had been decided yet, but the caller became more specific.

“She replied that the election would be on March 29th. She then hurriedly ended the call,” Burroughs said. “This of course left me with the feeling that the cat was just let out of the bag.”

Of course, none of this should come as a surprise, given the attack ads the Harpercons have put out and keep appearing on our tv screens of late.

A question we should be asking ourselves is,  was this a case of an overly zealous Harpercon volunteer who overstepped?  If so, were they getting inventive with Burroughs?  After all,  as secretive and as controlling as Stevie Spiteful and his office is, I have a hard time believing that  lowly volunteers would be privy to such sensitive information.  Likewise, I don’t believe senior campaigners would be calling average citizens at this time while supposedly no election campaign is taking place.

Fred DeLorey, the Harpercon mouthpiece of late is back pedalling, naturally.

“That date has no meaning to me and certainly isn’t in any of our scripts,” he said. “ I think we’ve been pretty clear in that we don’t want an election.”

Well, I suppose that’s what any good mouthpiece would have to say.  However,  he doesn’t have much conviction when he says that, I find.   I do look forward to see how this will be blown over or how this will be spun.

A March 29 election would have to be called sometime before Feb. 22 for a minimum, 36-day campaign. But since the Commons is not sitting that week in February, it’s assumed the election would be kicked off simply by Harper paying a call on the Governor-General and asking for Parliament to be dissolved. Or he could do that anytime in the coming days and weeks. Parliament is set to resume on Monday but a budget isn’t supposed to be unveiled until late March.

What reason would he give to the Governor General for dissolving parliament? To say that they’re ‘dysfunctional’ again like in 2008? It would be a tough sell given the Harpercons only need one party to float any of his bills or motions or budgets.  The opposition parties have taken turns doing just that. The senate is now stacked in Stevie’s favour and serve as his insurance policy, killing bills Stevie doesn’t like.  It looks like Jack Layton is offering some kind of olive branch, saying he has ‘no bottom line’ for accepting or not accepting the upcoming budget . Yet, it appears that Stevie refuses to even talk to Jack Layton regarding budget negotiations . It looks more like a PM acting in bad faith. Funny how the blogging supposiTories all accuse either Iggy, Layton or Gilles Duceppe of being power hungry. I dunno, but it sounds like the biggest power grab is coming from Stevie Spiteful.  So, I ask again, how will Stevie Spiteful sell a “dysfunctional” parliament to the GG? Or how can he convince the GG that he needs an election sooner rather than later without making it sound like this is his best shot at a majority right now and later that will likely not be the case?  But then, the GG is a Harper appointee,  if Stevie says ‘jump’, like any other Harper appointee, the GG  probably has to say ‘how high’?  Remember, Stevie ‘makes the rules’.

What is surprising, (assuming that the Harpercons’ plan to call an election for March 29 is true),  however, is that they don’t seem to want to wait for this budget which was supposed to come out around the end of March as well.   It would also explain the sudden attack ad blitz against Iggy; let’s make it look like this election will be on Iggy’s  (and likely, the evul mythical ‘coalition”s head, for that matter).

Boys ‘n’ girls,  we are most definitely going to the polls this spring; with or without a budget even being presented; whether or not it’s on March 29 is just a minor detail.  I think Iggy’s last speech scared  ol’ Stevie and his minions.  Stevie can’t afford the Liberals further getting their shit together, especially i f he wants to eliminate them altogether .

Another thing to keep in mind is that the hiring of Nigel Wright was to basically whip the Harpercons in shape for the next election. However, it seems that Wright only took a leave of absence from his previous position at Onex Corp to oversee the PMO; he is to resume his duties at Onex Corp in just eighteen months .  Thus an election must be held sooner rather than later.

1 comment to Looks Like Harpercons Can’t Wait For The Budget To Call Spring Election

  • G.J.W.

    The BC people will hopefully remember Harper’s part in the HST. I will vote for whichever party, that is the closest to knocking him out. Canada is not safe with Harper. Campbell and Harper, are best buddies. Campbell works for Harper, hence the BC HST. We now know, Campbell, Hansen and Harper colluded on the HST, before the BC election. I was told to google, Harper’s global governance plans. I did not like what I read.