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Could The Red Book 2011 Backfire For the Liberals?

I’m going to play Devil’s advocate yet again, but more to the point I’m going to play the cynic here.  After all, given the pattern of the daily Nanos poll, showing the Harpercons going up steadily and the Liberals going down despite good campaigning from the Liberals and a poor one from the Harpercons,  I think a reality check is due.  Hell, even columnist and author of Harperland Lawrence Martin pretty much told Anne Lagace Dowson on her radio show yesterday that he doesn’t think the Liberals winning this election from 11 points behind; there is just no precedent for it.

In about 20 minutes from now, the Liberals unveil their platform; their red book, if you will.  Gerry Nicholls, who warned us of Stevie Spiteful’s goal of annihilating the Liberals not long ago, seems to believe that the unveiling of the red book could hurt the Liberals’ campaign more than help them .  Here’s why:

After all, the Tories will be poring over Ignatieff’s Red Book seeking out any unpopular proposals which they can pounce on spin and against the Liberals.

Before the day is done, in other words, the Liberals could very well be on the defensive.

And that’s the problem with coming out with specific policy ideas during an election campaign.

Every idea you propose has the potential of alienating voters. Why take that chance?

Don’t get me wrong. I do disagree with Mr. Nicholls’ pro-Libertarian politics, however, given his recent criticisms of his former NCC colleague, Stevie Spiteful, I have a feeling he won’t be voting for him come May 2, due to the fact  that he believes Stevie Spiteful has lost his old NCC Libertarian values.  This is why I tend to pay attention what Nicholls says.

The Liberals pretty much ignored the 93 red book anyway. Why bother with the effort?   Why don’t they just continue releasing parts of their platform as time goes on in their campaign?   I think the Liberals would do best keeping Stevie Spiteful on the defensive. This red book could change that. Mr. Nicholls is perhaps correct. Perhaps some “vague promises and emotional appeal”.

I also think Iggy is focusing too  much on hope.  This is the age of politics of anger and fear.  Hope just doesn’t work in this day and age.  This John Kerry take the high road thing is not working neither. Why doesn’t he just get down in the gutter with Steve and get even nastier? Nasty sells in this day and age.

1 comment to Could The Red Book 2011 Backfire For the Liberals?

  • Mark Francis

    The pools are in flux, though. Harper seems to be holding at least steady, but the Liberal numbers elsewhere are moving up. So we’ll see. As for the early platform release, “any news is good news” may apply is Harper attacks it. And of course Harper will attack it, even if it’s unassailable. Ignatieff has to run a full, nationally-focused campaign. He’s trying to get momentum going all over the country, whereas Harper is trying to mostly tread water, and make gains in 20 ridings for the win. Very different campaigns. Ignatieff cannot play it safe. His campaign knows this — I hope. LOL.

    The Liberals tie if Harper is kept to a minority. They win if the Liberals also gain a significant number of seats in the process.

    You don’t win campaigns like this playing it safe.