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Harpercon Booster Jane Taber and the Rest of the Reformatories All Hurt By Iggy

Ok, Jane, you got what you wanted,  your dreamy Steve got his precious kingdom and Iggy is gone. What the hell is your problem now? Are you perhaps auditioning for  Sun News (oops! Bell dropped ‘em)?   Yes, poor Jane and the other Harpercons are a tad upset today because Iggy didn’t offer an ego fluffing call to Stevie Spiteful .

So much for bonhomie in Canadian politics. Despite the huge Conservative win Monday night, there are Tories who are miffed Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff did not even bother to call Stephen Harper to congratulate him on his victory.

What’s the matter? Stevie looking in the mirror, congratulating himself over & over, saying how great he is, while making sure the staples in his hair are in place isn’t enough? Aww!! Poor baby! My heart is breaking for you! Lessee, Stevie Spiteful, his puppets and his cheerleaders have slammed him in the right winged media,  spent a slew of money on attack ads and such. Yet, Iggy does offer congratulations publicly in his concession speech, which, by the by, was much more than you deserve, Stevie!

And look at Dizzy Miss Lizzy tripping all over herself, here:

Green Party Leader – and first-time MP – Elizabeth May says she is still trying to set up a call. “The PM was airborne most of the day,” Ms. May told The Globe.

Shameless, Lizzy!

Oh, what do we have here? Somebody been incessantly bothering Iggy to make that ego fluffing phone call to Stevie. Looks like he may drag himself to do it .

Thank goodness this has been resolved. It was becoming a bit of an issue for the Tories, who were regarding Mr. Ignatieff’s non-phone call as a snub.

Awww! Feel better, now, Jane and Dmitri?

Iggy owes none of these Harpercons or anyone else anything.  He’s gone now.  Dreamy Stevie got his kingdom. Let Iggy go in peace.

2 comments to Harpercon Booster Jane Taber and the Rest of the Reformatories All Hurt By Iggy

  • Mavis Benoit

    Just wondering why you are dissing Liz may here? What was the point of that?

    ck Reply:

    Because, she oozed of sucking up to Steve there. That should be as plain as day. I shouldn’t have to explain that.