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OH Harperland! The Beginnings of The Police State, Where Women Are Second Class Citizens

Yes, that horrid omnibus bill that it is to come out in about a hundre days ; that lawn order ‘n’ morality themed omnibus bill. Now, no one is exactly sure what it may entail except for the fact that it will likely include the scrapping of the gun registry and of course, some of those miserable crime bills that keep falling due to prorogations and of course, the writ getting drop.  Gloria Galloway of the Grope and Fail came up with a laundry list of those lawn order bills that fell off the table that could end up in that one monster bill. And boys ‘n’ girls, if they are,  be afraid, be very afraid, some of them will make even ordinary people into criminals.  I suggest you read them, frightening as they are.

Funny, how Stevie Spiteful didn’t dare to pack ‘em all in an omnibus bill when he was in a minority, say last year.

Of course, Senator ‘Sell-out’ Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, is just all ga-ga-giddy .

“These are bills that will sentence people, with the right sentence , when it’s a serious crime,” Mr. Boisvenu said. “That’s why we want to pass that bill as just one omnibus bill because a lot of those bills have been sitting in the [House] or the Senate for the last year.”

Once upon a time, M. Boisvenu did good things when he lead a victims’ rights group following the disappearance of his daughter, Julie.  Respectable. Then, he sold out for a senate seat and six figure salary and perks at the invitation of Stevie Spiteful. If you ask me, he was more productive as a victims’ rights advocate.

Yep, get ready for it. Warrantless searches, infringement on your privacy (bigger infringements than the long form census or the gun registry ever could’ve been), wiretaps on your phones at their whims,  prisons overcrowded with people convicted of silly things like posession of a few joints or a pot plant or two,  or a group of friends setting up a friendly hockey pool.  Or how about individuals who did something dumb when they were eighteen or nineteen years old, but grew into productive citizens but won’t be able to get a pardon?

Of course, nothing to help victims of domestic violence. In fact, given the attitudes of that idiot cop who spoke at York University and that decision from Judge Robert Dewar, nothing for crimes against women, period! Plus, remember,  Super Toews does want to change the wording from ‘sexual assault’ back to ‘rape’  in the criminal code. Watch for the continuing of rape victims going back on trial.

What won’t be in the omnibus bill, but surely in the form of a private members’ bill later on, will be a bill, giving the fetus a victim status in the event of  a crime.

Oh yes!  Let’s not forget another favourite of Stevie Spiteful’s, human smuggling!  a bill designed to make vulnerable refugees pay.  They still don’t realize that actual human smugglers and those leading those human smuggling rings are generally situated in countries overseas, away from the clutches of Canada, generally countries with no extradition agreement. How gullible can people be?

Nothing for rehabilitation, nothing for crime prevention, education programs or support for mental illness. Just lock ‘em all up and throw away the key. No second chances for youth who do dumb things to get a clean slate to lead productive lives. Why? Because Canadians are bad people and Canada is just a dangerous place. And Canadians buy it hook, line and sinker.

1 comment to OH Harperland! The Beginnings of The Police State, Where Women Are Second Class Citizens

  • Beijing York

    I believe I heard that there is a proposed change to sentencing on aggravated assaults against pregnant women included in the omnibus bill. I just can’t find any reference to it.