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The right reacts to death of Jack Layton

Stephen Taylor must be so proud .

“By the end of today’s news cycle…
…there will be no part of his anatomy left unkissed… “

Small Dead Animals begins its discussion of Layton’s passing begging for civility from commenters. Commendable but the fact that it is even necessary is a sad commentary of its own.

UPDATE: SDA request for civility worked only for a short time until things got expectedly wingnut ugly. After several comments were deleted, the thread was shut down – “Due to the inability of some to prove that they aren’t anything better than Muslims celebrating 9/11, I’ve decided to lock this thread. Go elsewhere to express your vitriol.” God, the wording is absolutely stunning – bringing up 9/11 in regards to Layton is as sick as the comments that caused the thread to be shut down in the first place.

UPDATE II: Christie Blatchford ups the ante in the National Post.

UPDATE III: Another ante jumper – the Editor of the Calgary Sun shows his class :

UPDATE IV: Even more dickheadness from a conblog: “Jack, You’re Dead”. Oh, it’s OK, the blog is just quoting a Joe Jackson song. What’s wrong with you, don’t you have a sense of humour? No link to this asshole.

UPDATE V: To be fair, Moose and Squirrel posts some stupid tweets from the amateur left about Jack Layton’s death, most obviously made out of grief. No mention is made of SDA, the comments section of many right-wing blogs and pro journos such as Blatchford and Naylor, whose sentiments are most obviously made out of glee and malice.

UPDATE VI: You can’t make this up, folks. BC Blue is all bent out of shape over the centre’s reaction to Layton’s passing. The Hill Times to be exact for this quote:

“Eyebrows rose at Mr. Harper’s curt treatment of the death of his strongest former political foe in the Commons”

OMG. Alert the ‘liberal media’. The Hill Times has a passing quote not fluffing the PM! BTW, not one mention by Mr. Blue of his brethren and sistern on the right who have been posting with gleeful abandon over Jack’s memory.

UPDATE VII: Found under obvious rocks, Sun TV commenters .

Cross posted at Let Freedom Rain .

2 comments to The right reacts to death of Jack Layton

  • Bill Sambles

    I dunno, despite Stephen Taylor’s usual tripe, he wrote a really good post about Layton.

    Jymn Reply:

    Too bad he hosts some really bad apples.