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Canada’s Shame

We are mute with shame here in Canada.  Shame for our Professional Media.  Even our beloved CBC doesn’t have the decency to cover the new American Revolution.  You were there for Egypt, you covered the hell out of Libya, sickeningly slick graphics and foreboding intro music and all.  But when our biggest trading partner, our neighbour to the south, our political BFF’s have a genuine, heartfelt  American Autumn, our media sticks it’s collective head in the sand.
Victoria Times Colonist, Vancouver Sun, The Province, Globe and Mail, National Post…how many journalists does that represent?  Every last one of you must be writhing with shame and embarrassment right now.  Not one of you has the professional ethics or balls to break ranks and cover this huge story.  Maybe you are right to just avert your eyes, because it is too late.  There is no going back from the knowledge that we have lost any freedom of the press in this country.  You have let us down and allowed your masters to kill our voice in the world.
I bet they have to get shitfaced every night, to be able to sleep.  On the hard stuff.  I guess they can afford the good stuff too…the 20 year old scotch.  Because, if I was lucky enough to get paid to write, no, even as I write for free, if there is an exciting story to tell, I’m awake all night, writing the thing in my head, going over angles, playing with words.  It must be torture to go through that night after night without telling the goddamned story.
Today is day 13 in Liberty Square.  The Unions are coming onside.  There are contingents of Armed Forces Members on route to New York in full dress uniform to join the protest, to put themselves between the protesters and the mace happy NYPD.  Events are planned in major cities across North America in solidarity for a growing Movement.  This is it folks.  The Revolution is at hand for the other 99% and it will not be televised.  If you are reading this, then I don’t have to tell you any of this.  I want you to consider those poor souls who do not have the time to dig for the news online.  Ask them if they have seen or heard of #occupyWallSt.  Use that to ask them how they feel about the fact that it has been completely blacked out by all of the major press in Canada.  Then ask them how confident they feel about making informed decisions about how we are Governed.
This is serious folks, these people are fucking with our heads now.  And it has got to stop.
Some online Canadian Newssites have been covering.  The Georgia Straight has been there with extensive coverage.  Terrace Daily  Support these organisations.  Recommend them to those who think they get the news on the TV every night.  Persist in showing them the spin and lies that our ProMedia doesn’t even bother to hide anymore.
In parting, I’d like to share a little poem I wrote the other day.  Sometimes, these things just pop into my head and refuse to go away until I write them down.
Crone(y) Capitalism
A crone, a woman menopausal
pondering upon the causal,
“How can we as a collective
attain our primary objective?”
“How can we achieve the peace
that men have failed to ever reach?”
“How can we convince the race
That love and peace must be embraced?”
So we made art and we made “friends”
and nurtured eachothers #trends
and now it’s time to #occupy
an inclusive place in society.

7 comments to Canada’s Shame

  • cherylb

    Yay Kim! You tell em girl!

  • Kim

    Thank you Cheryl <3

  • I’m humbled by your post. thanks

  • Kim

    I am honoured by your humility 900ft jesus!

  • Andy

    Kim; It is with my heartfelt sorrow that I must personally proclaim that the Canadian “mainstream” media (MSM) is a twisted and evil propaganda arm of the puppetmasters. This unfortunately falls short of eclipsing my anger and frustration that Mr. Harper’s Government is not calling a press conference to formally ask the US government to heed it’s citizens. Perhaps when, (as the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution part (b)) is enforced by the citizenry and it’s millions of “un-organized citizen militia” all start defending the peaceful protesters, perhaps then will the MSM be coerced into coverage of this extremely important start of a second US revolution.
    Keep up the good work Kim! We must praise those publications willing to tell the truth. MSNBC, of all broadcasters, did.

  • Gloria

    Our once good country is no more. Canada is a huge morass of corruption, because of Harper. We are no longer, proud to be Canadians.

    Other country’s have commented on Canada’s downward spiral. Some even say, Canada is a fascist dictatorship regime. For certain the media is just a propaganda machine, that works for the government. Harper even went as far as storming Guelph University, to stop the students from voting. They even tried to steal the ballot boxes. Is that dictatorship or what?

    Our media are a disgrace to their professions. They have disgraced this country. They disgrace the provinces. Worst of all, they have turned their backs on Canadian citizens. Canada is becoming, not the land of the free, but, the land of corruption, lies and greed.

  • Kim

    It becomes imperative that we insist on finding ways to disseminate information and spur discussion, especially with our friends who are not as informed as we are. We need to celebrate and share widely those people with the courage to tell the truth.