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Mayor Fordzilla Taking Campaign Lessons From Steve Harper

Yes,  this puffy faced buffoon has been in office for a year now and how does he celebrate? Why, he begins to go into permanent campaign mode, of course!

“Three more years and I’ll be running again, that’s for sure,” he said. “I’m running, 100 per cent,” he added later. “I’m already out campaigning.”

Sound familiar?  The trouble with Fordzilla though, unlike Stevie Spiteful, is that he doesn’t know yet who his opponents will be come the 2014 Toronto municipal election.  Like most con politicians, ol’ Boss Hogg really has nothing positive to run on, so all he can do is attack. Who will he attack at this time?  How will he approach this? A throw-up his hands, saying he doesn’t have time to ‘undo the damage dastardly David Miller did’?

Yes, never mind that he still has a lot to do in his current mandate .

Of course, the mayor has a lot to get done in the meantime. The budget gap is still gaping, and his detractors on council are getting bolder by the day (although the push for garbage privatization passed through council fairly easily)

So, when he’s not running for dear life from ‘Marg Delahunty’ or having barbecues with Stevie Spiteful or shmoozing with Don Cherry,  he will be pretty much devoting the rest of his mandate to campaigning, I gather. Governing? Responsibility? Perish the thought! That’s just gravy.

Oh, speaking of Fordzilla’s early morning rendez-vous with ‘Marg Delahunty’ (Mary Walsh), Fordzilla cheerleader and blogging SupposiTory, Neo-conservative, as usual, appears to be off his much needed psychotropic cocktail, advocating for violence :

Rob Ford should’ve taken a page outta the Jean Chretien playbook… grabbed this dumb bunny by her ugly, unfunny face and tossed her to the ground… (snip)

How funny would this have been if the “warrior princess” had slipped underneath the wheels of Ford’s car?

(last bit regarding neo-con) H/T canadiancynic

Yes, and just think about Neo-conservative now celebrating the end of the gun registry. Funny,  sociopaths like neo-conservative are why strong gun controls are a very good idea.

Gawd, it’s embarrassing to be a Canadian more and more these days!

1 comment to Mayor Fordzilla Taking Campaign Lessons From Steve Harper

  • Owen Gray

    Rob’s not knowing anything about Marg proves that he is a very big guy who lives in a very small world.