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Quelle Surprise, The House of Commons Voted To Support The Continued Sale of Asbestos

Well, it’s now official. The NDP’s motion brought to the House of Commons to ban the sale of asbestos was struck down today .

By a vote of 152-123 this evening the House defeated the NDP’s motion on asbestos. The New Democrats, Liberals and Elizabeth May voted in favour, the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois voted against.

There you have the break down.  According to the article, three Harpercons abstained. I wonder how they’ll be disciplined by Herr Harper, given that it was a whipped vote, like everything else in Harperland?

I don’t get why the four Bloc MPs would vote along with the Harpercons, given they really have nothing to gain by doing so.  After all, none of them represent ridings that have anything to do with asbestos.  In fact, asbestos was only mined in one small area of one riding–Chrissie Paradis’s riding of Megantic-L’Erable.  Their constituents wouldn’t have been supporters of asbestos, or at the very least, would’ve been too far removed from it to care.  So, what do they have to gain?

My next question is, given that we’ve heard from Chuck Strahl, who suffers from asbestos related lung cancer, asking the Harpercons to vote to add the dangerous fibres to the Rotterdam Convention, I wonder if his son, Mark, was one of the three who abstained or didn’t show up? Or did he vote along with the puppet master?

And Dr. Kellie Leitch, for that matter? I would love to find out if she voted or abstained. Yes, if there was a lobby continuing to this day to get Simcoe-Grey’s latest star to denounce her party’s stance on asbestos, now is the time to press hard to find out how she voted. Any doctor who voted in favour of continuing the sale of asbestos deserves to have her medical license revoked. For good.

Oh, and ever hear of some buffoon called Bull Blaster? Go feel free to blast his bull .

Not content with killing oil sands jobs in Alberta, the NDP has now set its sights on killing jobs in Quebec. What province will be targeted next by the NDP wanting to fire people instead of hiring them?

Yes, Bull, that’s it exactly. The NDP are just a bunch of killjoys who do all this just to watch you right winged buffoons dive for your fainting couches.

I might remind everyone that the last functioning mine, which was in Thetford Mines, has ceased operations not long ago.  The Jeffrey Mine, to this day, is still waiting to hear from the Quebec government on whether or not they’ll get that 58Million dollar loan guarantee to breath life support in them.  Anyone with news about that, please share in comments section.

Yes, the NDP are such party poopers for wanting to pull the plug of the life support of a dying industry that sells fibres to poor countries, like India and killing their workers in the process.

What about trying to help create new industries to create new jobs in the area in and around Thetford Mines, for a frickin’ change?

2 comments to Quelle Surprise, The House of Commons Voted To Support The Continued Sale of Asbestos

  • kootcoot

    Isn’t there a public record of which MP’s voted which way, individually and exactly who abstained? Even in the joke of a legislature that the US Congress and Senate have become, the members votes are almost instantly available BY MEMBER!

    Or is the Spiteful One the only one who gets to know which members of his Canadian Taliban need to be whipped harder?

  • ASME

    What else can you expect from governments who don’t give a darn about cancer causing agents in Johnson & Johnson products for new born babies. It is up to us (the lower masses as we are viewed) to protest against companies to force them to change the harmful products they use. It is not up to government to protect us. That from a woman who was interviewed by CBC Calgary several days ago regarding the harmful inclusion of chemicals in Johnson & Johnson. This is nothing but fraud by corporations and government. They know the harful effects of asbestos but continue to sell it to other countries to provide the shareholders with more money.