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Toddler Sun News Network turns one. Still in diapers.

Diana Mehta of the Canadian Press tries her best to polish a dirty diaper but in the end comes off somewhat like a nursemaid confronting a bawling infant. Fox News North is one year old and failing badly. It’s pulling in a paltry 0.1 per cent of viewers.

Although Mehta attempts to paint the network’s 12K Facebook Likes as impressive, let’s face it, that’s a pretty sad number for a national network whose core audience is comprised of dutiful Conservatives embittered by the knowledge that they are the ignored victims of a left-leaning world.

It’s heartening in a way to find our Conservative-dominated media trying to make out that Sun News Network has any credibility. While Mehta does point out how the “aggressive” nature of the “biased” Sun News Network’s “right-wing propaganda” is problematic for Canadians and for the network itself, she omits the very thing that defines the network and the reason for its sad failure – it is outfitted with a roster of whiny, effite males and angry, furrowed-brow women plucked from the most elite of media. The network reeks of impotent rage and no one likes to watch a privileged loser going down for the count .

That is, unless it’s Krista Erickson performing her chicken dance.

From "A Bold Guess"

Now, that’s what I call entertainment.

UPDATE: Even more telling about the fatuous nature of SNN’s braggadocio is that its biggest ratings by far came from a Liberal beating the shit out of a taunting Conservative in front of a sniggering, gay-baiting duo of tuxedoed dandies. There you have it. Canada’s true political and cultural landscape enacted out before our eyes, while the propagandists at Sun News Network could only helplessly look on in horror.

X-posted at Let Freedom Rain .

4 comments to Toddler Sun News Network turns one. Still in diapers.

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  • Alexandra Highcrest

    Well said Jymn.

  • kootcoot

    “Still in diapers”

    Well, at least they got that right, that’s where babyshit belongs!

  • ck

    Now on to the terrible twos!