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Are the Metropolis Shooter and Fire Starter and The Pregnant Woman Hating Fetus Fetishist at a 2009 Pro-Life Rally One in the Same?

I just read Dr. Dawg’s this morning and he gave me pause. I showed the two pictures Dawg has posted to a couple of friends of mine. After they looked at both pictures: One crazy geezer in a hooded coat, telling a pregnant woman that “I hope the baby kills you!” and big glasses at a fetus festival in Ottawa in 2009 and the other, of the Metropolis shooter and fire starter. I wonder if they are one in the same?  You be the judge.

 I never believed in coincidences. Then again, perhaps all older white ultra right winged men are starting to look alike.

Whoever he may be. I have just one question: How did a geezer get past security at the Metropolis with an AK-47? It’s not like one can hide that in his pants.  That wouldn’t have been easily concealable under that long bathrobe he was wearing.

Nobody appears to know as of yet if he is Anglo or not. They have ascertained that he is not from Montreal.  They heard rumblings in both languages. Graeme Hamilton seems to have picked up a bit more of that geezer’s ramblings.

“The anglos are waking up” the ranting suspect said in French with an English accent as he was led away by police. Then alternating between English and French he added: “There’s going to be f—-ing payback. It’s enough. Wanna make trouble.

If it is indeed an Anglo, which I am starting to think he is,  does this mean the righties will all start twisting themselves into pretzels in feverish attempts to rationalize his acts as they have done with the likes of Anders Behring Breivik or that rich dude who flew his helecopter into an IRS building in Texas some years back? After all, he ain’t Moooozlem.  And he’s old, white dude, who could possibly be a misogynistic fetus fetishist. 


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  • Beijing York

    It seems the perpetrator, Richard Henry Bain, runs a hunting and fishing lodge/outfitting business outside Mont Tremblent (making his attendance at a Parliament Hill fetus festival feasible location wise).

    I also think that he was at the back door entrance, not inside the club proper, waiting for Marois to make her exit when he started the shooting and fire. Supposedly he had more fuel in his vehicle (larger fire?).

    At the link, you can see the contrast between Harper and other politicians in their statements about the tragic death of that 47 year old man and the attack itself. Harper is all about the anger and punishment first and foremost.

    ck Reply:

    BY, you’re right about Harper as opposed to Mulcair’s statement of a moment of silence for the victims and their families.

    As for La Marois, she announced she would call the victims’ families herself.