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Rob Anders Breaks His Own Record Of Stupidity: Peter Stoffer Call Him a “Dickhead”

Yes, boys ‘n’ girls, as Dr. Dawg always says, Conservatism of today is not a politics; it’s a diagnosis.  And Mr. Robbie Anders has a very bad case of it.   Goes right up there with calling Nelson Mandela a “terrorist.”  Our little Narcoleptic Neanderthal woke up temporarily to accuse Thomas Mulcair of “precipitating” Jack Layton’s death last year . Here goes!

“I actually think one of the great stories that was missed by journalists was that Mr. Mulcair, with his arm twisted behind the scenes, helped to hasten Jack Layton’s death,” he said.

“It was very clear to me watching the two of those gentlemen in the front benches, that Jack Layton was ill and that Mr. Mulcair was making it quite obvious that if Jack wasn’t well enough to fight the campaign and fight the election that he should step aside, and that because of that, Mr. Layton put his life at risk to go into the national election, and fight it, and did obviously an amazing job considering his state of health, and that he did that partly because of the arm-twisting behind the scenes by Mulcair and then subsequently died.”

oh, and he doesn’t know  to quit while he’s behind:

He would have taken more heed of his health. He might not have rushed into that election campaign with somebody with a knife in his back.”

Oh dear!

Have no fear, NDP MP, Peter Stoffer had just the right choice of words for our narcoleptic neanderthal.

H/T Dr. Dawg and Antonia Z.

1 comment to Rob Anders Breaks His Own Record Of Stupidity: Peter Stoffer Call Him a “Dickhead”

  • myna lee johnstone

    i tweeted about this with :#cdnpoli and
    such disrespect is unpardonable yet Olivia was gracious,knowing the truth