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Instead of hating, let’s find common ground. What are you for? I am for peace. I feel that peace can easily be achieved by equality. Equality (for me) would be obtained by making a global constitution that included water, food and shelter as human rights. What are you for?

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  • Lulymay

    I have to agree, but maybe a proviso. I think everyone in our society is entitled to basic needs — and there are some that have been put out on the street who are just not capable of looking of their basic needs. I do not have a problem with my taxes paid to look after these folks. At one time, people who could not look after themselves were often put in institutionals and basically were well looked after. However, in a combination of California’s and others’ “right to life” all of sudden people who were look after in
    homs were suddenly granted the right to be ‘out there’ It was a disaster. Many of these people were cast out oi close institutions were cast out on the street into “group homes” but after a while their fees were reduced and they could not keep these people safe. The bottom line is that was much cheaper than government institutions. After that, these poor folks ended up on the street with no one to help and they desparately needed help from an organized governmental orgnisation. But, that was not to be.

  • Ron Wilton

    I was born near the end of WW1, I was weaned on the Korean ‘conflict’, I was educated on the ‘Invasion of Hungary, the ‘Cuban Crisis’, the Viet Nam war, myriad Israeli conflicts, I raised my family through Tianenmen Square, Kosovo, Rwanda and the Gulf War, my grandchildren must wonder why I seem depessed with 9/11, Afganistan, Syria, The Ukraine, Libya, Gaza, ISIS, etc, etc.

    I know little of this ‘peace’ you speak of.

  • Ron Wilton

    Make that WW11

  • Priscilla Judd

    Hey Kim , I just love your post!!!

    I wrote a song with that same idea even some of the same words – we must be on the same page :)

    …it starts of slowly with an observation of our planet

    Wherever we wander, wherever we roam… There’s only one planet that we can call home… then it gets fast


    I guess we better get along and stop the world from going wrong
    I’ve seen the bombs I’ve seen the grief – it’s coming down my twitter feed
    One heart bleeds into another – sister mother father brother
    it’s time to find some common ground – time to shut the anger down

    I declare World Peace!! I make this vow, this voice of me
    Here and now and through my tears – a heartfelt peace throughout the world
    and though it’s all been said before – we’d have a world we’re longing for
    It’s time to sing a song of peace – come on, come on and sing with me:

    Denounce the world of waging war at home or on some foreign shore
    Denounce the debt economy – for making stuff that no one needs
    Denounce the leaders lies and spin for selling wars that count me in
    I declare World Peace and peace begins with you and me…

    Declare the end to making bombs – make the very last one gone
    Declare the end to fear and hate – time to give more than we take
    Declare the end to global greed – end the plight of poverty
    I declare World Peace and peace begins with you and me ….

    hope you like it – your friend :) Priscilla