It’s Spring. Sharpen Your Pitchforks.

This is it folks. Now is the time. We cannot afford to wait for some future theoretical Election to happen, where the outcome will do nothing to change the trajectory of turning Canada into a kleptocracy.

Let’s face some facts here. Even if the country, at least the 70% of the country that disagrees with the Harperization of Canada, all turned up to vote, we would split the vote and risk another disasterous Harper term. Or just as bad, the Opposition parties would gain power and fail to turn the rudder, preferring to continue to pander to the Corporate Class and opting to take their turn at the trough. We’ve seen it happen with the Clinton and Obama administrations south of the border and we know that those forces have established themselves on our soil through the Canadian Federation of Independant Business, the Fraser institute and Ethical Oil. Other astroturf orgs like the National Citizens Coalition and Citizens for Prosperity, Real Women, the Manning Institute and so on. Many are funded by the Koch brothers who have controlled the Alberta Government for so long.

Voting alone won’t save us. We need to organise. We need a lateral nationwide roundtable to put all options on the table. In full view and with the fullsome participation of the public. The Constitution should be opened to consider sovereignty issues regarding human and natural rights and to reconsider the rights we give to Corporations. The Bank Act needs revisiting, to allow for the financing of services at a nominal rate, rather than the commercial sector. Let’s face it, there are alot of Laws that need repeal or reconsideration. It needs to be done by ordinary people though, a good cross section of the general public.

The fact that so many Canadians have lost jobs ranging from menial to good paying union jobs under this Government and the previous administrations is proof enough that it is time to put a stop to the bleeding. We need the working class to stop hating on the poor, the liberals and ndp to just shut the fuck up and listen to the people. Face it, both parties can’t get past playing Harper’s game and trying to beat him at it, without the money or tools, or even a clue as to what needs to happen. They seem stuck attacking eachother with eyes firmly fixed to that carrot posing as a brass ring. If they can’t figure it out, we need to do an end run around them.

It is time to organise a General Strike. Nationwide. Union, non union, displaced workers, students, veterans, First Nations, farmers, the ranks of the disabled and disenfranchised. Even the Foreign Temp Workers who stand to serve terms of indentured slavery should participate. We need everyone, boots on the ground to rally and protest and strike until critical mass is reached and the political class is forced to capitulate.

It’s time for a new big idea. It isn’t going to come from the top so it’s up to the rest of us. Can we do it?

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