An Open Letter to our Political Leaders

I am appalled by the lack of debate in the House on the situation in the Ukraine and any role Canada should take on. PM has unilaterally started committing Canadians to go to the volatile region to take part in NATO posturing against Russia.

I know that Canada has many citizens of Ukrainian descent and that they form a considerable voting block in the prairie provinces. Harper’s base, if you will.
That does not constitute a reason to be using our military to goad Putin into WW3. I understand that people in power like to think of the military as “assets”, unless, apparently, they return home injured or survive to collect their pension. Mr. Harper made that perfectly clear in his egregious and disrespectful lawsuit of Equitas wounded veterans, his closing of veterans services, downloading costs on his honouring Afghan vets onto charities.

Mr Harper is sending my son into harms way, again. Along with his crewmates and other peoples kids, husbands, wives, parents. Perhaps it would be helpful for you, our elected representatives to think of these “assets” as citizens, and electors. Perhaps you should all consider that you have allowed our proud military to sink into a level of disrepair that is embarrassing to the entire nation. Some HMC ships are banned from certain Ports as hazardous. Much of the navy is barely afloat. Training budgets have disappeared as NDHQ siphons off money to private contractors. The Rangers have WW2 rifles are expected to defend the Arctic? Never mind the state of procurement in the Air and on the ground.

You people should all be ashamed of even thinking of sending our people once more into the breach without working equipment and at a time of crisis in morale. Suicide and rampant sexual abuse do not make a fighting force. They make for casualties.

Where is the Opposition? Where is the debate? Sober second thought? The Ukraine has a long and complex history and most Canadians realize that this is not a situation that can be explained by painting white hats and black hats on a deeply troubled country. That you think a military solution is acceptable or even doable puts serious doubt to your capabilities to lead this nation. Today, supporters of Obama’s puppet in Kiev have massacred dozens of civilians in the most brutal way. Many extremist organisations have fallen in with this puppet. You may have just sponsored Nazi’s.

Instead of committing our people to war with Russia, you should be having emergency debate on what diplomatic efforts could be utilized to diffuse this danger faced by millions of people. We are not okay with waging wars for Corporations. If you want Canada to go to war, sign up, or send your children.

In complete disgust,

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