Mining, Mount Polley and Ministerial Responsibility

Two days ago I sent this email to Christy Clark, cc’ed John Horgan, Mary Polak, Gail Shea and Leona Aglukkaq. I have had no reply.

Dear Premier Clark.

You have been absent lately, and the people of BC need leadership right now.

We have a still unfolding huge scale environmental disaster at Mount Polley. The Minister who seems to be the frontman, Mr. Bennett, has provided nothing but lies and platitudes, covering for your huge donor Imperial Metals and its super rich owners.

Our Minister of Environment is as elusive as yourself Madame Premier, as are the Federal Ministers of Fisheries and Environment.

The taxpayers of BC, the voters, citizens, public demand that you take immediate action to stop spreading the catastrophe downstream into Quesnel Lake and on into the Fraser River. You must enforce the Law, seize all assets of this company to secure the assurance you owe to the public that the company will pay for the clean up.

If your Ministers are going to stand up and ensure the public of the quality of these waters, then get your ass up there and drink it yourself, then get your family to bathe in in for an extended period. We have long passed the point where the citizens of BC are prepared to take your word for it. It is time to prove Ministerial responsibility is still a part of our governance.

Step up or Step down. Your call.

Angry, disappointed, I remain,

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