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We Juxtapose With Lawrence Cannon


In a letter to the editor to the Grope and Fail by none other than Harpercon puppet, Lawrence “Loose” Cannon, he basically rips into Iggy for his concerns regarding that North-American fortress.

The Liberal Leader should put Canada ahead of politics and end the counter-productive, anti-Americanism that he himself once criticized.

Now, did . . . → Read More: We Juxtapose With Lawrence Cannon

Stevie’s American Neo-Con Vision For Canada–Some Friday Nite Humour


The video is dated a tad– Stephane Dion was still the leader of the Liberals, Dubya Bushy was still president of the US of A, etc, but I thought I should add some Friday nite humour to the latest abysmal idea of Stevie Spiteful’s of creating this ‘North American Fortress’.  Warning: earworm, but . . . → Read More: Stevie’s American Neo-Con Vision For Canada–Some Friday Nite Humour

The “Blue” Liberal Progressive Disconnect


It is my hope that enough Liberals will open their eyes to what the Corporatist faction of their party is up to, and put a stop to it. At that point I would be willing to bridge the other differences between the NDP and the Liberals and look for a true Centre . . . → Read More: The “Blue” Liberal Progressive Disconnect