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Scene from Syria, Saturday January 28, 2012. Rodney Kirkland Sr. edition.


Oops. Turns out that was Oakland last night.

UPDATE: Dr. Dawg has the goods on an Oakland cop, annual salary $202K and unbelievably works for the Youth and Family Services agency, who apparently beat a pregnant woman leukemia sufferer off her bicycle and allegedly beat her as she was being carried away on a stretcher. Luckily, Anonymous (I’m . . . → Read More: Scene from Syria, Saturday January 28, 2012. Rodney Kirkland Sr. edition.

Dr. Dawg: ‘Toronto the Police State’ (and beyond)


Dr. Dawg has been doing a yeoman’s job of exposing the horrors of the post G20 police state of Toronto. Run don’t walk to Dawg’s Blawg for a sobering 15-minute video of what has become of Toronto.

Myself, I don’t think the police state is relegated to Toronto. Under the Conservative government, the violence . . . → Read More: Dr. Dawg: ‘Toronto the Police State’ (and beyond)