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The Last Thing We Should be Doing is to ‘Shut the Fuck Up!’–The Disappearing Red Tories, and Why Are Senators so Useless?

Funny how much of the corporate media is doing exactly that on Senator Nancy Ruth’s tangent: they’re shutting the fuck up it would appear. I went to check Google news as well as the yahoo news pages which as everyone knows has all the day’s headlines and it would seem that for the most part, the mainly Harpercon  media has taken Nancy Ruth’s advice. I didn’t find anything.  In fact, I had to search for her name on Google News to actually find anything. It is slim pickings. Oddly, there are more blogs about it than media pages.

Since I published my post yesterday, complete with audio link yesterday, I had read the other blogs on the subject which appear to be divided on this issue. Hell, even my commenters had differing views.  There are bloggers like Willy Loman and JJ , who are of the opinion that we have to remember Sen. Nancy Ruth as a champion of gay and women’s rights; that she is simply the ‘messenger’  with much insider knowledge, sending an  warning  of what could and would surely come if the NGOs and other activists didn’t stop pushing the issue of abortion being a part of that G8 package.  Given how many groups Stevie Spiteful cut funding to, it is a strong possibility. Below is a list from Antonia Zerbisias via Dammit Janet of the groups whose funding was cut by Stevie in only the past 2 weeks.  Thanks, Fern Hill. Man, does he operate fast:

These groups have been defunded by HarperCons (CIDA and SOW) in past 2 weeks:

1. Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW)
2.CERA (Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation);
3.Conseil d’intervention pour l’accès des femmes au travail (around for 25 years)… See More
4.New Brunswick Pay Equity Coalition,
5. le Réseau des Tables régionales de groupes de femmes du Québec,
6.Alberta Network of Immigrant Women,
7.Centre de documentation sur l’éducation des adultes et la condition feminine,
8.Association féminine d’éducation et d’action sociale (AFEAS),
9.Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses (OAITH) (a 75-member coalition primarily of first stage emergency shelters for

There are still others like Thor who believe Ruth is actually a Harpercon and simply showed her true Harpercon colours. Still others like Impolitical who, like myself, understand how Stevie Spiteful is vengeful and intimidating and seeing that she was just illustrating this, but nonetheless, don’t like how the message was delivered. I think the latter is the most likely.

Perhaps we wouldn’t be ‘shooting the messenger’ if we knew who or what she was really advocating for?  For those who remember the supposed  ‘red tory’s’ work with human rights in the past, here are 2 questions:

1)  If she was really such a good  woman who caved under Harpercon pressures who  means well, why is she still affiliated with Steve’s caucus? Why hasn’t she crossed the floor? Ok, not as a Liberal, perhaps, but as an independent?

2)I was always under the impression that these lifetime senate appointments were bullet proof; they couldn’t fired. Is it even possible to punish a senator?

After the two above questions are asked,  one has to ask why such a champion of  human rights is not using her position in the senate to  fight  Brother Steve and his puppets in this matter, rather than  threatening  a group of NGOs to shut the fuck up, or else?  Come to think of it, yes, Steve stacked the senate in his favor, however, there are still quite a few Liberal and independent senators; why don’t more of them fight Steve on not only  abortion necessarily, but on other issues, like his costly, unnecessary, useless tough on crime bills, or the twiggy lookalike with mullet, Hoeppner’s crusade to end gun control, or  those damned Afghan Detaineed documents?

We know that MPs and staff who disagree with Steve have their careers ruined, all one has to do is ask Linda Keen and Richard Colvin. But senators with their lifetime appointments? I would surely like to see them at least attempting to earn their tax-payer paid 6 figure salaries and lavish wasteful expense accounts other than appearances at  white tie rubber chicken dinners.  I think many Canadians would like to see that happen.

Oddly, the only senator  of any political stripe who has spoken out against Master Steve was actually the Hockey illiterate appointed by Steve himself: Jacques Demers regarding  Steve’s new tough on crime proposals. As far as I know, he’s still a senator, the sky didn’t fall down. Sure, he’ll be dismissed as the hockey illiterate, but at least he tried something positive; he tried to fight his boss.

This whole episode  also begs the question as to why these so-called Red Tory MPs and senators of the now defunct Progressive Conservative label, now Harpercons (and that is a majority of them) are still doing their boss’s bidding? Why do they accept to jump when Steve barks?  Why don’t they just sit as independents if they have a distaste for all the parties? That way, they can perhaps join the opposition parties in doing battle against Stevie Spiteful. Again, not just about abortion, either abroad, or here at home. There are so many other very important issues.

I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again, most of the so-called small ‘c’  or red tory who were politicians of the now  defunct Progressive Conservative eagerly made the choice to not only join the newly merged ReformaTories with their evangelism and Steve’s dictator ways, but to actually embrace the Reformatory theocracy and to tout that party line.   As such, they had been eagerly not only steered on Steve’s sharp right turn, but they actually defend everything about their boss.  Those who do speak their minds leave or get fired or cross the floor and they seem fine with that and I think their constituents appreciated that, like Bill Casey. No, they don’t have my sympathy.  Even these Harpercon women seem to accept being treated as second class citizens in the House of Commons. They too can cross the floor and stand up and do battle if they really liked. Same goes for  Nancy Ruth for that matter.

No, Ruth’s display of beligerance yesterday is more indicative that she is now a Harpercon and she is doing his bidding; that perhaps her days of a champion of human rights are in the past than a warning and hint of  Steve’s intentions where abortion is concerned, and  the threat of him cutting funding to the aid program altogether (which, as I mentioned yesterday, would further plummet Steve’s reputation on the world stage, not that he cares).  She came off as more someone to tell us to be good little boys and girls to sit down and shut up or else rather than trying to be helpful.

This is why it is incumbent upon us average citizens, bloggers and yes, other groups not to shut the fuck up. It is more important than ever given the majority of MSM outlets (anyone buy Canwest papers yet? Any chance of it being a more balanced company or consortium purchasing them?) being in lockstep with Harpercons that we make as much noise as possible, again, not only about abortion, but about so many other items Steve can’t wait for a majority to unveil I’m sure. If we don’t , before we know it, we will find ourselves living in archaic times, in darkness under a Brother Steve totalitarian regime and wondering how it happened.

Another thought, nobody ever got anything done by sitting down and being quiet like good little boys and girls. In fact, more often than not, being good little boys and girls doesn’t come with  any rewards. Being quiet over abortion will not help keep it legal here in Canada, in fact, Dean DelMastro’s speech from three years afo,  as well as private members’ bills like Rod Bruinooge’ s should serve as warnings themselves that only an opposition to a minority government, however ‘weak’ they may seem to some folks, are what’s keeping Steve and Harpercons from criminalizing abortions as well as some other insidious aspirations and goals of their’s.

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  • Toe

    Exactly, well said! Who cares what Ruth was or wasn’t saying, we could parse it to death and we still wouldn’t know. It just divides. There is no doubt in any of our minds he will criminalize abortion to Canadian women if he got a majority. It must be made an election issue, most especially since they don’t want it to be. We cannot depend on the Opposition! weak or strong they are not representing us when it comes to important civil and social issues.


  • Sigh…..just because she is telling NGOs to shut up, doesn’t mean she herself is shutting up, especially in private, and in caucus, where she can make his life difficult, and based on everything I have ever known about her, is likely hell on earth for a Conservative like him to have around.

    Thing is, he needs her vote, so he has no choice, but to suck up to her. And she has the catbird seat in caucus, and can be an advocate from within for every social cause she believes in. When pro-lifers preach in caucus and try to get their agenda across, who do you think replies and tells them to fuck off? It sure isn’t those terrified little middle of the road jerks like Clement and Baird.

    She is a life long Progressive Conservative and like many others I know has never stopped dreaming of the day when they could boot out the Reformers who took over their party and shamed them all. In the meantime, she works inside the tent to try and temper the extremists.

    Thank God someone is. Can you imagine how bad it would be if the party was 100% religious nutbars?

  • ck

    Aurelia, that is exactly what I have illustrated in my Post, the party are pretty much 100% religious nutbars, or at the very least, they embrace the more powerful Socon element, otherwise, they would have either been fired or crossed the floor, even to sit as an independent. Bill Casey was one such example. It’s why I believe the term ‘red tory’ is dead.

    Never stopped dreaming of the day for them to boot out the reformers? Why haven’t they done it by now? Better still, why haven’t we done it?

    Read this article from Judy Rebick. She takes us back to a time women were told to be quiet when fighting for abortion rights, just around the time Morgentaler opened his first clinic in Manitoba.

    Here’s the link:

    Somehow, I don’t think Steve sucks up to any woman. Not his modus operendi. Thanks to his ‘recalibration’, I’m not sure he needs her vote anymore after stacking the senate with his buddies.

    As for those groups who had their federal funding axed by Stevie Spiteful in the last 2 weeks, if they’re smart, and their causes are still important to them, they should not go off skulking to a corner, packing. If anything, they would be perfect candidates to be noisy. Their funding is already cut. Remember that Janis Joplin song “Freedom is Just another Word for nothing left to lose”.

    Maybe she meant well, who knows? But I think most of us agree she handled the situation very badly and offered bad advice.

  • Sir Gallahad

    Cross Steve, and retribution will be swift and brutal.

    I looked at your list that was defunded in the last 2 weeks, but there are plenty more examples. Remember Kairos, and planned parenthood?

    Of course the cons want to interfere with women’s reproductive choices, both here and abroad.

    I just feel so outraged by this government.

    Del Mastro, just a disgrace.

    ck Reply:

    I know all about Kairos, Planned Parenthood and others like the Court Challenges Program. That short list involved groups who had their funding cut just in the last 2 weeks alone!

    I gather you caught DelMastro video at my piece from yesterday? As well as the other festivities?