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Who Tops Stupidity? Sandra Dee Crux? Vic Toews? Or Craig Smith? Or the Harpercons on The Whole?

Ok, I don’t know if she tops it, but  she is definitely in a horse race with Vic Toews blaming the Liberals for G-8/G-20 debacle.  Yes! Our resident socon, philandering, Colonel Sanders look-a-like really did tell Craig Oliver that he is spending this obscene amount of money because he’s afraid the Liberals will talk. Catch the highlights here .  Craig Oliver suggested using the military as their payroll is lower and there is no overtime pay to worry about…and that’s when Vic Toews basically had his but…but…the Liberals! mode. Now there’s a switch! The Harpercons now fearing what the Liberals would say…

Would Canadians have minded having military in the streets of Toronto and/or Huntsville? Maybe; maybe not.  Quite honestly, I think most Canadians can do without these summits coming to their towns.  It is not necessary. And I think we can all see the irony here;  Steve is going to be a bastard and bit by bit, he plans to strip our universal social programs, which are far less progressive than many of those G20 countries, I’m sure. He basically wants to tell these governments to follow his lead in their own countries.  Wow! So, they’re all going t0 spend money; courtesy of the tax payers in their respective countries, travelling in expensive private airplanes to some lavish seal dinners, champaign cocktails,  photo-ops and such to be told to cut their respective spending.

In addition to this bill, the folks of Toronto better not get sick or hurt, as it seems that in addition to closing the city , Toronto’s major hospitals have cancelled or postponed many appointments for many different types of procedures and treatments .   There will be programs in place ranging from traumas from protesters to special VIP programs, including food tasters, perhaps?

Obviously, there will also be medical plans for visiting dignitaries or heads of state who get injured or fall sick. While details are confidential, a Health Canada spokesperson said contingency plans for foreign VIPs include access to emergency medical care and a “comprehensive food surveillance program.”

That just pisses me off.   The tax paying working residents of Toronto better not inconveniently get hurt or sick during the G20? And what if they need to present themselves to the nearest ER for something non G20 related? Let me guess: the on coming heart attack of Mr. Joe Toronto Tax payer will just have to take a back seat to the dignitary with a tad of indigestion?  Anybody else find something wrong with this?

And of course, there are fools, like Sandra Dee Crux who think the expense is completely justified . Obviously, her grandchildren never told her that we have teleconferencing now.   No, she thinks things like foreign aid,  tuition cuts for students, job creation are a waste of money. In the world according to Sandra Dee,  real boondoggles are things like the Long Gun Registy.  and for good measure, because Sandra Dee suffers from Liberal Derangement Syndrome, she of course must continue to beat that ADSCAM dead horse. Gee Sandra, get over it already, will ya?  However, billion dollar photo ops and over priced seal and rubber chicken dinners is well spent tax payer money.  Somehow, her  Ph D has been cheapened.

Of course, who can forget Craig Smith’s deep analysis of blaming those Miscreant Muslims for all this billion dollar mayhem ?  Although, commenter Skinny Dipper has so astutely pointed out that it’s mostly caucasions who protest these summits world wide and that we rarely see Muslims at these particular shindigs , after she pokes fun at Craig Smith’s brilliance, naturally.

Jojo Blue has obviously not been paying attention to what I’ve been saying all along about teleconferencing the meetings

So if anyone wants to continue to castigate the Canadian Government for trying their best to protect citizens and world leaders, please put forward your alternate proposal or shut up.

Craig Oliver  suggested an alternative to Vic Toews this morning. I did forward an alternate proposal; an even better proposal; why must I shut up?

So, while poverty continues to grow, universal programs get gutted and the unemployed continue to remain unemployed, these  governments talk spending cuts over their over rubber chicken and seal dinners under the watch of billion dollar security details,  while the city and it’s hospitals won’t be open to its’ own inhabitants.  Will they also talk democracy while the War Measures Act or Emergency Act of 1988 will be invoked.

But it is being argued that it is so important to have those billion dollar kodak moments and that the Muslims and Liberals are to blame for the expense…

2 comments to Who Tops Stupidity? Sandra Dee Crux? Vic Toews? Or Craig Smith? Or the Harpercons on The Whole?

  • CanNurse

    Good one, Ck! I too have been pushing the video-conf. idea. They don’t use touch or body language analysis in these summits anyway – they’re men. No hugging will happen. So why not save a BILLION frecking dollars!

  • Owen Gray

    As Mr. Harper tells Canadians that the stimulus taps are about to be turned off — something Paul Krugman says is a very bad idea — he attempts to justify this spending.

    It’s all about priorities. And this government’s priorities are pretty clear.