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The role of Lieutenant Governor


Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor is the representative of Her Majesty The Queen of Canada in the Province of British Columbia and, as such, takes precedence over everyone in the province except the Sovereign. The Lieutenant Governor personifies the Crown, which is both the apex and the unifying link in the constitutional and political structure of the province — executive, legislative, and judicial. All legislation must receive Royal Assent before it becomes law and must be signed by the Lieutenant Governor. All Orders-In-Council and official proclamations are also signed by the Lieutenant Governor in the name of The Queen.

The Lieutenant Governor is also responsible for ensuring there is a First Minister in the province at all times. At any time, when the position of First Minister is vacant because of death or resignation, after defeat in a provincial election or the result of a non-confidence motion in the Legislature, the Lieutenant Governor must either dissolve the House or call upon someone else to become First Minister and try to form a viable government.

The Lieutenant Governor attends a variety of events across the province including military and civilian ceremonies, award presentations, and cultural events. On occasion, the Lieutenant Governor is invited to lend patronage to organizations, particularly those of a charitable nature. Patronage is not granted as a matter of routine.
(emphasis mine).  Direct quote from the Government House website.  So I emailed him on October 25th.
The Honourable Mr. Steven L. Point
Lieutenant Governor
Xwĕ lī qwĕl tĕl

Dear Sir,

As you are undoubtedly aware, we are having a crisis of confidence in our beloved province right now.

Mr. Campbell has lost the confidence of the people and his caucus is in a state of chaos.  He has made seriously flawed decisions, at the very least.  Consistantly.  We, the people, have spoken loud and clear our displeasure with the actions of this government.  People have suffered greatly the folly of these decisions and our children will suffer them worse.  We stand to lose much more of our assets if he is allowed to continue unabated.

Confidence in the RCMP is also at an all time low.  There is a disconnect between the RCMP, regional forces and the people.  Violence  and other criminal behaviour by members has gone unpunished.  The contract is being negotiated now between the RCMP and the current government..  The people are worried that the RCMP may have altered the course of their investigation of corruption in the top levels of government to secure a favourable contract.  We fear they may be given that mandate from an unstable government.

Confidence in the Judiciary is at an all time low.  The actions of the government to interfere with the BC Rail Corruption Trial in the appointment of the Special Prosecuter, a serious conflict of interest. In the illegal destruction of the Peoples property (email and documentary evidence).  In the appointment of a Judge who acted disinctly and consistantly in favour of the Crown, who allowed serious criminal breaches by public servants to go unpunished, who banned publication without requests from council on either side.  Who allowed a plea bargain and a ridiculous non punishment, just before the truth of the matter was to become appparent.

Our people suffer neglect at the hands of Gordon Campbell.  We have the highest child poverty rate, the lowest minimum wage and a growing debt from poor fiscal management.  This a at least in part from the policy of reducing corporate taxation to zero, while charging the middle income and poor disproportionately.  The P3 promise was a scam to privatise our wealth.  Our public BC Hydro, BC Ferries, Health and Education are at risk.

You, Sir, have the power to Recall the Legislature for an emergency fall session, so that the Loyal Opposition and the Caucus have a chance to vote in Our House on the matter of Confidence in this Government.  To ask the questions that their constituents clamour for the answers to.  We need someone to take a leadership role, in this Historic crisis in BC.  The Premier spends our money trying to speak to the people on his television station, when he needs to speak to the peoples elected representatives in the House.  Please Sir, do your duty to the people of British Columbia and Recall the Legislature immediately!

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter,
Kim xxxxx
His personal secretary replied thusly
Dear Ms. xxxxxx
Your email of October 25, 2010, addressed to the Lieutenant Governor has been passed to me for attention and response.

While His Honour appreciates your kindness in writing to acquaint him with your concerns, in our system of responsible government, as long as the government retains the support of the majority of the elected members of the Legislative Assembly, the intervention by His Honour, as you have suggested, would be contrary to the conventions, practice and usage of the Canadian constitution.

There is no constitutional precedent for a Lieutenant Governor or Governor General to dismiss the government of the day on the basis of allegation or voter dissatisfaction.  You will readily understand that the Lieutenant Governor must honour these principles.  I can also assure you the Lieutenant Governor is very aware of his prerogatives, role and responsibilities and he will discharge those duties as he deems most appropriate to the circumstances.

His Honour is grateful to you for writing to express your views.

Yours very truly,

Herb A. LeRoy
Private Secretary
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
To which I replied,
Mr. LeRoy,

“as long as the government retains the support of the majority of the elected members of the Legislative Assembly, “
I submit that we cannot know that this government retains the confidence of the majority of elected members if the House is not in Session.  I submit that there is the appearance of political interference from the Highest Offices in the Province into the Judicial Process.  As well as the appearance of political interference into the arms-length agencies that are supposed to remain non-partisan.  Such as Elections BC.  In a time of unprecedented, complex citizen’s Intitiatives.  This is exactly the time to allow our Representatives to ask our questions in our House and the Premier has much to answer.
Kim xxxxx
To which, sadly, I have yet to receive a reply.  I do feel that the case is there for the LG to recall the Legislature based on the fact that the First Minister has resigned.  It says so on his own website .  Especially given the extraordinary circumstances that challenge us.  The massive reorganisation of Government Ministries that has thrown Provincial oversight into the dark ages.  The wholesale defection of Ministers of their ministerial duties, in order to grab for the fleeting brass ring.  The privatisation of lucrative Crown Corporations, by way of bankruptcy , corruption and P3 projects .   Just to “skim” the surface!

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