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Sell Out. End Game Edition.


Under the convenient cover of Rob Ford’s very public downward spiral this week, our governments, Provincial and Federal, have been busy dismantling our Public Trust.

First comes the news that Christie Clark has miraculously come to an agreement with her pre-election nemisis Alison Redford on pipelines through BC.  Even though none of . . . → Read More: Sell Out. End Game Edition.

Right and Wrong


Laila Yuile gave us a perspective on a Jonathon Fowlie editorial about Christie Clark.  In the interview with Fowlie, conducted during a hockey mom photo op. type interview apparently…I’ll let Laila speak for herself…

“I absolutely had to pick my chin off of my desk this morning when I read Jonathon Fowlie’s . . . → Read More: Right and Wrong

Another Government Watchdog gets the boot

Tweet I heard it from Laila Yuile, who got it from some newspaper with a paywall…

”John Doyle, the tough Auditor-general who has taken the B.C. Liberal government to task on everything from access to documents related to the Basi-Virk political corruption case to B.C. Hydro’s highly controversial use of deferral accounts, appears to . . . → Read More: Another Government Watchdog gets the boot

The Final Countdown to Treason

Tweet Tomorrow is the last day to stop the ratification of Harper’s secret treaty with China. Elizabeth May (bless her parliamentarian soul) has been active and vocal against this secret, closed door deal.  Signed by Harper in Russia, of all places. Quietly tabled last month with no disclosure, no debate, none of that government . . . → Read More: The Final Countdown to Treason

my shortlist for the Order of BC Award

Tweet Here’s some folks just off the top of my head who merit the Order of BC Award.  Ironically, the award was invented on Bill VanderZalm’s watch, given that Gordon Campbell and several of his political operatives have been approved for this award.  I think it’s a NeoLiberal thumb of the nose middle finger . . . → Read More: my shortlist for the Order of BC Award

An Unprecedented Friday Afternoon Document Dump, cont…

Tweet A message from BC. Last Friday in BC, Christy Clark announced that there will be no fall election.  This amounts to a bloodless Coup of our fair province.  Clark has no mandate.  She is unelected.  She sailed into power by the grace and deep pockets of the same group of suspects that may . . . → Read More: An Unprecedented Friday Afternoon Document Dump, cont…

Science versus Photo Ops


I was watching the cbc news this morning. I find it very sad to witness the decline of that once proud public broadcaster. The cbc used to provide some fine investigative journalism. It’s one story in particular that caught my eye today however, that speaks to the disconnect between government and the media . . . → Read More: Science versus Photo Ops

My letter to Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer

Tweet I emailed this letter to Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer this morning.  I would encourage other BC Voters to do the same!   The BC Government (under Gordon Campbell’s direction, but allowed to stand by Christy Clark) has unilaterally appointed an Acting Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Craig James.

Since his appointment, Mr. James has . . . → Read More: My letter to Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer

Politics of Food


We are being led down a path of dark, destructive ideology to a place where there is a price on everything and that price is unobtainable.  Think about this.  The global market trades in commodities.  Commodities are things that humanity needs to survive, such as wheat, rice and corn.  Economists from every . . . → Read More: Politics of Food

The role of Lieutenant Governor

Tweet Role Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor is the representative of Her Majesty The Queen of Canada in the Province of British Columbia and, as such, takes precedence over everyone in the province except the Sovereign. The Lieutenant Governor personifies the Crown, which is both the apex and the unifying link in the constitutional . . . → Read More: The role of Lieutenant Governor

Shadow Tolls, P3′s and BC Rail. Plus, shiny sports/casino venues!


Over to Laila Yuile, who continues to expose the corruption that is the BC Liberal Government, under the ultimate dictator Gordon Muir Campbell.

Also, how’s that fancy $6 hundred million retractable roof coming along?  Oh.   Shit.

People, we gotta do something.  Now.  Recall Campbell first.

Laila goes viral!


Laila Yuile posted a breaking story yesterday, exposing hidden “shadow taxes” on the infamous “Sea-to-sky highway”.  Must read.  Today she reports that her site metre was smokin’!  Both stories here.

Tonight, our Premier has spent our tax dollars on a 1/2 hour spot on his personal PR Firm GlobalTV, corus radio and local . . . → Read More: Laila goes viral!