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What New Canadian Insanity Is This?

As you’ve all heard by now, Don Cherry took his coach’s corner to Afghanistan to visit the troops and do Xmas din-din with them. We Move To Canada‘s, Laura covered that yesterday with an open letter to the CBC news.

Well boys ‘n’ girls, it just got a whole lot stranger (to say the least) and a lot more frightening. Apparently, according to the Ottawa Citizen,   Don “Pinko” Cherry got to launch something deadly into insurgent territory last night, with, of course, Petey McKay egging him on.

Christmas in Kandahar ended with some big bangs, first at dusk when Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry launched an M777 field artillery shell from a Canadian military base deep in Afghanistan’s insurgent territory.

“Taliban, here I come,” the popular and sometimes controversial co-host of Coach’s Corner joked after getting approval to fire the explosive-laden training round.


“Don, this is a different type of ‘He shoots, he scores,’” added Defence Minister Peter MacKay, who headed this year’s Team Canada Christmas Day tour of Canadian military bases in southern Afghanistan.

Did Petey just attempt to make a joke here? Funny as hemorrhoid cream commercial!

Naturally, the insurgents returned the favour a few hours later and soldiers were warned to head for shelter, no shit!

Oh, and you want irony? No problem! Petey supplies that too whether he realizes it or not.

“The greatest gift you can give is the gift of life, which is what you are doing here — you’re saving lives,” MacKay told soldiers earlier in the field in a theme he would repeat at four different bases.

“Make no mistake, things are improving because of the heavy load you bear.”

They are?  There are many who would take exception to that, but anyway…

There was other entertainment and many had their photos taken with the “Pinko” hisself. Fun to be had while Petey McKay spews his bullshit to anyone dumb enough to believe it.

As for Don Cherry being allowed to launch any kind of artillery? I wouldn’t even trust him with the remote control of my TV.

10 comments to What New Canadian Insanity Is This?

  • sassy

    They really think it’s some kind of game, don’t they?

  • Cherry gets to play soldier, CONs get free promotion on how cool the war is, the right gets to reinforce and spread their hatred of brown people.

    Not just a game to them, but entertainment as well. That’s scary shit.

  • Kev

    Doesn’t this make Cherry an unlawful combatant.

    sassy Reply:

    h/t cc

  • Kim

    And MacKay a poser, a would-be dicator? Parading around in desert cammo is the new black in Ottawa these days. Sickening.

  • magnolia

    i find wmtc’s laura’s post a bit surprising as she has long championed peter mackay as the “progressive” part of the current tories. she even gushed once about how good-looking he was. perhaps a little research before you begin posting to “we move to canada”. besides shes an american.

    ck Reply:

    So? What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China? I don’t know what her previous views of Petey MacKay may or may not have been and it’s not relevent to my post today. What is relevent, is her open letter yesterday to the CBC regarding the upholstery wearing “pinko” grapes.

    I, on the other hand, have never been a fan, nor will I ever be a fan of Petey MacKay. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a traitor, but again, that’s irrelevent to the post at hand.

    I agree with Laura’s open letter to the CBC from yesterday. What has the pink suited Liberace wannabe done that “supported the troops?” And if the CBC had guts, they would can Cherry. Just those migraine inducing suits should be enough. What a circus!

    I may not agree with all the progressive bloggers in the sphere, including Laura much of the time, but I respectfully ask that you don’t slam them here in my comments section.

    Oemissions Reply:

    NOT a Liberace wannabe.
    a liitle respect,eh!

  • Oemissions

    You are in the net with this post and my letters to our Ministers are on their way.
    Lunn and MacKay