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Fetus Billboard Boy Would Rather Go To Jail Than Take Down His Billboard

Remember that gawd awful image below?  Is it just me? Or does he really look diabolical? He looks like he’s about to devour that invisible baby.

Yes, #gregfultzisacreep, that billboard boy has been ordered to take down his billboard immediately .

But Fultz’s attorney said his client is adamant about protecting his free speech rights and will appeal.

“He said he is prepared to go to jail for this,” attorney Todd Holmes said.

His cell better be equipped with a padded wall. He’s that sick. Sick and just plain evul.  Just how much suffering is he willing to inflict on this poor young woman?  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post ,  this case was not even about abortion anymore, this was about a sick and evul man, out of control, seaking to control those who are vulnerable, and this is the worst display of such behavior.  I really hope this judge does lock him up and throw away the key as I do not want him setting such an example for other violent men, bitter following a break-up of their relationship for whatever reason.

Furthermore, you know society is regressing when millions are judging the victim , rather than that scum of the earth.  In  much of what I read and the accompanying comment boards, it seems that the only burning question from most is did she have an abortion or did she miscarry? Who cares?  I mean, we should care as both events are always traumatizing for women suffering through them, of course. What I mean is, is, it’s no one’s business whether she miscarried or had an abortion.  That’s her business, not for the population at large and certainly shouldn’t be advertised on a billboard.  The billboard is clearly an act of vengeance and harassment, nothing more. Something Andrea Mrozek and her followers never got , even after some of us, like Fern Hill, pointed out how she didn’t do her homework.

Speaking of Andrea’s followers, on that post where she’s supporting the creep, I caught a really sick commenter, Peter Cornswalled . So sick, I have to wonder if he’s Greg Fultz’s long lost relative of some kind. Yes, we have ’em in Canada, be warned!

I see he has a pattern of making poor choices in whom he dates.

He should take a more moral approach to life and practice abstinence outside of marriage. He would have fewer problems with women murdering his children that way.

Fultz, with his tweets, as well as his first ex have demonstrated that he has a propensity for violence, misogyny and abuse, yet this clown,  Reverend Petey says that poor Fultzy is the one who had bad women in his life??? To me, this suggests that ol’ Petey believes that perhaps abusing women is just peachy keen?  Love that reference to having his children murdered as well, as if they were drowned in the bath tub, or something.  Oh, and Petey doesn’t believe miscarriages can happen, neither boys ‘n’ girls.

This is but one case. However, I fear that the mentality of many are growing toward a blame the victim toward such issues like abuse, sexual assault, conjugal violence, etc.

I really hope that Fultz is carted off to jail and I hope thare are some good samaritans who will take down that billboard once and for all.

H/T Birth Pangs

5 comments to Fetus Billboard Boy Would Rather Go To Jail Than Take Down His Billboard

  • Bina

    “Adamant about protecting his free speech rights” — well, isn’t that special. Unfortunately, being WRONG is not a right. (Although I can see that it is very much a privilege for right-wing asshat males.)

  • Keeley

    Actually, being wrong is a right. Forcing others to act according to your wrong beliefs is not. But expressing, yes, that is ok.

    ck Reply:

    what are you trying to say, Keeley? That sounded kinda circular

    Bina Reply:

    Really? It’s okay harrass and to falsely accuse someone of having an abortion on a big ugly billboard when she MISCARRIED? Boy, Keeley, you sure aren’t very bright. Would you like it if someone did that to YOU? I’m sure I’d be very touched if you did. But if not, then smarten up and get with the facts. This guy is a known serial abuser and harasser of women. What gives him the right to do that? NOTHING.

    Keeley Reply:

    Let’s be clear here. At no point was I defending this man. Harassment is not a right, and I do believe that free speech rights do not include harassment and libel.

    All I’m saying is, everyone has a right to be wrong sometimes. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where that wasn’t true. It’s like saying people don’t have a right to make mistakes. (Which is NOT how I characterize this man’s actions; he is entirely in the wrong and has no right to have this billboard in place.) It was the wording of the comment which I replied that I take issue with.

    Thanks for the insults though, that was really lovely of you.