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Andrea Mrozek And Her Hens Seem To Have No Problem With Misogynistic Women Batterers And I’m Banned From Commenting Over There?

Before I begin, I tried leaving a comment over at Andrea Mrosek’s latest screed over there just a few minutes ago, and found that I was banned; comment rejected.  Oh well. That fetus fetish hen house of horrors   are to be added to a very long list of others who won’t let me near them, like the Nasty Post and Ex-Lax Max “Free Speech Warrior” Bernier’s blog, along with many Blogging SupposiTories, you’re in good company, Andrea! I’ll try ^not to be offended.

Anyhoo, I had noticed I’d been having traffic on my site from since yesterday, so  I just decided to go take a look at which one of those hens decided to link to me. Turns out that Andrea Mrosek posted about grieving and anger about abortion and used that creep, Greg Fultz out of New Mexico. You all remember Greg Fultz, Fetus Fetish Billboard boy? Well, to Andrea Mrosek, billboard boy has now become poster boy to her fetus crusade !!

On a bad day, if I were this man, I think I’d put up a billboard, too. And my other thought is God Bless America, for having people with gumption like this.

So, Andrea, what are you like on a good day? A stepford wife?

Anyway, just an indication of those fetus fetishists only seeing what they want to see or not finding out everything.   Not doing her homework. My co-blogger, Jymn, did his.  Fern Hill, who does have commenting privileges (probably the lone voice of sanity who does over there), points this out to Andrea, linking to my site, as well as drops another comment with another link, proving that in addition to being a misogynist, Fultz is also a cradle robber.

Here’s more of the evul Fultz :

  • “What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing. She’s already been told twice.”

  • “What does a battered woman do when she comes home from the hospital? The dishes, if she knows what’s good for her.”

  • And he is also a cradle robber .  At this article, we see more evidence of the misogynist that he is. Below, are some of his ex-wife, Jennifer’s tweets.

    Furthermore, it appears that Fultz’s billboard campaign has actually less to do with protecting fetuses and more to do with harrassing and humiliating his ex girlfriend .  In fact, the New Mexico Right To Life had removed their endorsement of the billboard and requested that Fultz remove the logo from it because they are unsure if his ex-girlfriend really had an abortion or if she actually miscarried .  Gee, how generous of them!

    The author of today’s article from Feminists for Choice article couldn’t have put Fultz’s evul psychotic actions better than I could have:

    The billboard is an assault on all women in this country. This story is far from a debate about “father’s rights,” the moral questions of abortion, or whether or not this woman had a miscarriage rather than an abortion. The issue is how easily this man was able to use public space to shame and humiliate a woman. This is hate speech, and if one woman can be targeted in this manner, we all can.

    Yes, Andrea Mrozek, and all your fetus fetishing hens, that would include you.  Because, as I’ve mentioned, Fultz’s billboard isn’t about abortion. No, like any misogynist or abusive man. This is about control and how he’s lost it, and when he’s lost it, he take it out on someone much more vulnerable than he is like any bully does.

    So, Andrea,  I would’ve asked this of you directly on your site, but given that I”m banned from commenting there, I will ask here, just a modification of Fern Hill’s question, really. Do you really want your name, organization and cause associated with that evul sociopathic misogynist?  I mean, really think very carefully about this.  If you do continue to support this evul bastard, then you should remove the “prowoman” part of the name from your organization because it would be clear that you really don’t give a rat’s ass about them.

    11 comments to Andrea Mrozek And Her Hens Seem To Have No Problem With Misogynistic Women Batterers And I’m Banned From Commenting Over There?

    • fern hill

      Banned by Mrozek? Badge of Honour, I’d say. I dunno why they let me comment, but now that we are PUBLICLY associated, I expect that privilege to be withdrawn. ;-)

      ck Reply:

      Oh, don’t worry, I do take it as a badge of honour, Fern. LIke I said, I’ve added it to a long list of sites I’m banned on. I’m banned at Nat Post, Maxime bernier’s blog (next time you hear him spearhead the rallying cry on free speech, please feel free to call him out on his hypocrisy), as well as many blogging SupposiTories. I think I’m starting to get known as the bad girl of the blogosphere. I actually think it’s hilarious.

      Sorry, if I just rid you of your comment privileges over there.

      fern hill Reply:

      No worries. No great loss.

    • Kev

      “Free Speech Warrior” ? okay

    • Andrea Mrozek

      People! No one’s been banned. Stop the conspiracy. If you can’t get a comment up, as happens sometimes because we struggle with spam, the thing to do is email me and then I try to fix it.

      ck Reply:

      What conspiracy? I attempted to comment, I enter captcha, I submit, comment refused. Message received.

      But you haven’t answered the 64, 000$ question. Do you really want your name, organization and cause associated with a liar, misogynist and psychopath?

    • Dr.Dawg

      Clearly she has no problems with it. If Paul Bernardo were “pro-life,” she’d be writing him love letters.

      ck Reply:

      You’re right, Dr Dawg, she probably would.

    • fern hill

      There is a hashtag for him #gregfultzisacreep

      ck Reply:

      Yeah, I’ve seen it. Good to know, though. I’ve also found out the creep apparently hates Jews. Not that that should come as any surprise. I’m sure he also hates gays, Muslims, blacks, bascically, anyone who isn’t a white misogynistic hating neanderthal like he is.

      Oh, and he claims to be an ordained minister .

    • Christine

      The title of her blog is really an oxymoron!

      I certainly agree with the points raised in the articles by the Feminists for Choice – the whole thing is about power and coercion of women. There is no way that what that man did is “pro-woman” in any wya.