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Editors of Sun Media Would Like To Rename Labour Day–After a Union Buster–Quelle Surprise!

Well, Boys ‘n’ girls, you had to know that was coming.  The editors don’t like unions or the working class for that matter.  In fact, they sooo despise them, that they appear to want to rename Labour Day–after–get for it–George Brown, a union buster hisself .

Only Sun Media and the rest of the right wingnut looney tune element can make unions seem so represive:

It was their union bosses who were calling the shots. It was put up, and shut up.

Oh yeah! It’s soo much more liberating working for slave wages, knowing one can get canned on the whim of an employer; simply because he or she can and of course, little to no regulation in the way of  labour standards.  You say that unionized public service workers don’t care about serving the public’s needs. Do you really think that a worker earning minimum wage with minimum standards is that much more motivated?

Yes, a selfish, lazy, ER nurse from the Greater Toronto area has a message for you wingnuts . Yikes! It would be interesting if any of you buffoons ended up in her ER while she is on duty.   I really do wonder if any of them have the balls to tell this nurse to her face? Or anyone else in the business of saving lives or taking care of their children, for the matter?

H/T Toronto Emerg

2 comments to Editors of Sun Media Would Like To Rename Labour Day–After a Union Buster–Quelle Surprise!

  • rww

    You had to post that didn’t you. Reading the comments made me puke. There are some sick ******** that read the Sun.

  • Mark Warburton

    I remember a time when “the little paper that grew” was read by every construction worker, factory worker and every other working grunt that owed their livlihood to the Union. The paper was always too low brow for the elitist intelligentia. Now it’s full circle puts it in the gutter where it belongs.