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An Unprecedented Friday Afternoon Document Dump, cont…

A message from BC.
Last Friday in BC, Christy Clark announced that there will be no fall election.  This amounts to a bloodless Coup of our fair province.  Clark has no mandate.  She is unelected.  She sailed into power by the grace and deep pockets of the same group of suspects that may have installed Gordon Campbell and Paul Martin, federally.  She won a by-election for Vancouver/Point Grey, barely.  After being photographed by the Media, electioneering in front of a polling place during the vote, clearly in breach of BC’s election law.  EBC’s Craig James , now rewarded handsomely with a plum position, has yet to release the actual poll by poll figures from that suspicious by-election result.
So she is alledgedly allowed to sit in our House.  Only she won’t.  She can’t take the risk of exposure to any questions.  About BC Rail.  BC Hydro.  BC Ferries.  Tankers.  Pipelines, Tailing Ponds.  Fish Farms.  IPP’s.  Free Trade Zones.  Her as yet to be determined plan to move our province anywhere.  We, as a people, have been told to sit on our hands and accept whatever the BC Liberal Party throws our way.  For another 2 years.  With no mandate from the people.  Which makes Christy Clark a liar.  Twice over, at least.  Early on Christy talked about heading to the polls to achieve a mandate from the people at the earliest opportunity.  She also opined to the media that she would not lower the HST to bribe the people with thier own money.  But then she did.  Now she says we have voted for “plan B”.  Only, not only are we not informed what plan B actually is, we were not privy to “Plan A” in the first place!
Therefore, as Harv Oberfeld so eloquently stated,

BC is in deep trouble: we now have a government that has no moral, no public and no legal legitimacy to govern


On top of that, to add insult to injury, Gordon Campbell and several of his backers have been named for Order of BC Awards, approved, by Steven L. Point, LG of the province, on advice from the board which includes BCLiberal insiders.  This move, despite the fact that the long weekend has been spectacularly beautiful in most of BC (a shout out to the sodden North Coast, we feel for you!) has inspired rage and disbelief throughout the BC political blogger forums, such as Laila ‘s comprehensive article, with all the links to the petition and related articles and facebook and twitter.
Recently, Stephen Harper appointed Campbell to the  Mother of all Patronage Positions, High Commishioner to London, which came (thankfully for Britons) with a Chauffeur and personal Chef, included in the posh London Address.  But here in BC, with a 9 % approval rating for Campbell, who resigned in disgrace, we were furious that Harper slapped us in the face with this obvious reward for the man most British Columbians revile.

Now, they are just rubbing it in.  Not going to happen.  Please add your voice, because, as goes BC, so goes Canada.  Gordon Campbell clearly showed Harper the way to Dictatorship.

2 comments to An Unprecedented Friday Afternoon Document Dump, cont…

  • Linda

    Harper gave me the willies, the first time I ever laid eyes on him. Harper and Campbell’s personalities are identical. One is just as rotten, as the other.

    Harper gave scum like Campbell, the appointment of High Commissioner. Because, Harper burned his bridges with Europe. He gave them false statements as to how toxic the dirty oil is from the tar sands. Harper needed someone, with no morals or ethics, to con Europe into accepting, the dirty tar sands oil. That’s why he gave his partner in crime Campbell, that specific duty.

    They were desperate for Campbell, to have one saving grace, to take to England with him. That was the OBC. This has angered the BC people so badly, there is a petition to sign. Campbell does not deserve the OBC. Only good decent citizens, are supposed to receive that award. The OBC, should be abolished. They are just one more corrupt institution, of the many of BC. This entire province, stinks with corruption.

  • smelter rat

    Wrong. The enitir country stinks with corruption.