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Herman Cain – serial sexual harasser? That’s nothing. Try being a female Mountie.


Your life will be a living hell. Welcome to the famous RCMP, home to sexual harassment and thuggery.

“Everything that came out of his [a supervisor's] mouth was sexual,” Galliford said. “If I had a dime for every time one of my bosses asked me to sit on his knee, I’d be on a yacht in the Bahamas right now.”

And we wonder why our police forces feel free to abuse citizens when the top enforcers feel it their right to abuse their own, as long as they’re the ‘weaker sex’.

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2 comments to Herman Cain – serial sexual harasser? That’s nothing. Try being a female Mountie.

  • Laura

    I have no sympathy for Miss Galliford. For years you supported the RCMP and their thuggery against Canadians. I have PTSD from being abused by the likes of you.

    ck Reply:

    I may not agree with how the RCMP does their job a lot of the time, but it certainly doesn’t mean Ms Galliford deserves to be sexually harrassed by co-workers or her boss. There is never a good reason for sexual harrassment or harrassment and/or abuse of any kind.