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Hey, Andrea Mrozek! Why Don’t You Practice what You Preach?

No, not at that dreadful site, Prowoman Pro-fetus.  Her other activity, as manager of research and Communications at the Institute of Stepford wifery.  You, boys ‘n’ girls, perhaps know it as the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada. Yes, today, Andrea, like so many right wingnuts, has decided to have a crack at some good ‘ol Bashing. Or, more to the point, a problem with our social programs, or social programs, in general.  She’s blaming our social safety net for the fact the marriage rate is so low, here, in La Belle Province. It appears that only Sun Media has published her stupid study .

“There are real reasons to be concerned about the sustainability of family programs as they currently run in Quebec,” read a study released by the institute on Monday.

Wait for it!

The 28-page report, titled “A Quebec family portrait,” also suggests the preponderance of single-parent and common-law households will be less equipped to handle the possible dismantling of big government in La Belle Province.

Some studies suggest married men have more motivation to work harder and earn more money for their families than boyfriends, but numbers show husbands are in short supply.

Quebec has the highest percentage of unmarried couples in the world, according to the study. The 2006 census indicates that 34.6% of Quebec couples were in common-law relationships, compared with 13.4% in the rest of Canada.

Quebec also has the highest rate of children in daycare, noted study author Andrea Mrozek, which strains the province’s much-vaunted $7-a-day daycare system.

“These things feed into one another in a bit of a circle,” said Mrozek. “You have an expensive program, it increases the taxes, then you have to work to support the lifestyle to make money to make ends meet.”

Sacrement! She’s basically pulling that whole people would be more motivated to marry if there were no social safety nets?

Not only is she a fetus fetishist, but she’s hell bent on getting more folks married. This is not first idiocy she’s pulled neither.  The last time she suggested if you young people were married and had scads of young ‘uns, they wouldn’t have gone out rioting following a Stanley Cup play-off in Vancouver. Here’s Ms Mrozek’s moment of, ahem! Brilliance!

My question is: how many married men with families were among the crowd? “Hey honey, I’m going to be late tonight. Just have to burn a police car.” I’m not saying our dwindling marriage rate is responsible for looting and violence. But marriage does, some theorize, civilize young men. I’d have to guess the numbers of family men among that crowd were low.

It’s also not the first time I’ve heard this whole social safety nets being bad for good ol’ family values. In fact, Lawrence Martin mentioned this in Harperland, from Stevie Spiteful, hisself no less.

“We need to rediscover Burkean or social conservatism because a growing body of evidence points to the damage of the welfare state is having on our most important institutions, particularly the family.” Conservatives understand, said Harper, that “politics is a moral affair”

Pg 245-Chapter 18 (True Colours) Lawrence Martin’s Harperland

More here about Stevie’s theocracy .

Hell, even the Vatican Economist blamed the global economic crisis on a low birth rate in Western nations .  More about that here .

Just pointing out that dear Ms Andrea Mrozek is neither original nor brilliant.  However, she is pushing the propoganda of today’s neo-cons, regarding social programs and fewer folks getting married (I think it’s safe to assume, in the case of ol’ Ms Mrozek, she blames low birth rates too); just too many damned single moms or couples “living in sin” out there for her liking.

Amusing how the world according to theocons is so illogical. However, not so amusing that this kind of agenda is being pushed.

Oh, and like the others, Ms Mrozek does display some hypocrisy in her latest brain fart .

But Mrozek said it’s not clear if Quebecers will accept cuts to popular programs like cheap daycare and expanded parental leave.

She wants folks to get married and have scads of young ‘uns, but she has problems with programs like extended parental leaves, that might actually be an incentive to have children? Hokey! Dokey!

Oh, and Andrea, if you’re so dead against women having a career or even an education, due to the fact that dear ol’ hubby is supposed to support them, how do you explain the fact that you’re still working and how do you justify your own education? I mean, looky here! Ms Mrozek has a master’s dedree!

Oh yeah! Step wifery is the way to go it seems, in the world according to her .

An Institute of Marriage and Family Canada paper cites marriage as helping men become more nurturing, improving their health outcomes and even making men better workers.

My first ex must not have gotten the memo, as he was a substance abuser who was violent with me and had trouble holding down a job.

Perhaps Ms Mrozek should visit a shelter for victims of domestic violence and see how many battered women left their “nurturing” husbands.  Better still, I think she should shadow either an intake worker and/or a case managing social worker with whom I work (I wish! Given that confidentiality is currency in their line of work, it could never happen, of course, but, it would be fun to observe!).  She really should meet all those “nurturing” fathers and “super moms”. Trust me, Andrea,  there would be no need for the social service agency where I work if marriage were soooo honky dory.

So, Andrea, how would you explain a divorce rate of around 50%?

Apparently, those pro hockey players would do better if they, too, married.

The paper quotes Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray as saying marriage improves the games of his players.

“You’re more committed. You have something to go home to,” Murray told a reporter in October. “I think these guys start to realize that there are other people depending on what they do with their lives.”

Really Bryan? Then how do you explain Patrick Roy ? Think marriage will tame Patrick’s son, Jonathan? Given that this apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ,  don’t bet on it. Roy and his son, of course, are but an example of how marriage made this hockey father-son duo, yanno, more “nuturing”.

Hat tip to DeBeauxOs over at Dammit Janet!  Speaking of which, an anonymous commenter has a great question for Andrea, which I will ask here:

And if husbands are so great, why doesn’t she have one? Clocks ticking Andrea.

Great question! So Andrea, what say you? Why aren’t you married with a bunch of young ‘uns?  Surely, these days, there can’t be a shortage of right wingnut rednecks who would love a stepford wife like you!

So Andrea Mrozek, why don’t you just practice what you preach?

2 comments to Hey, Andrea Mrozek! Why Don’t You Practice what You Preach?

  • Beijing York

    She must be thrilled with Michelle Duggar being pregnant with her TWENTIETH child.

  • kootcoot

    I was stunned to learn on the CBC today that women have to leave the red dirt island of Anne of Green Gables to have a therapeutic termination of a pregnancy. I certainly hope Anne ain’t raped by her uncle! Fetus fetishists SUCK. If you don’t think it is right, DON’T HAVE ONE, otherwise, STFU!