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Why is Ethical Oil too terrified to confirm if it is funded by Enbridge or not? UPDATED with video.

"Don't ask me hard questions. I'm a student!"

Wow. Just wow. Yesterday, I watched Power & Politics with Huffington Post’s Kathryn Marshall debating the Northern Gateway hearings with a representative from the Sierra Club. What was so amazing is that every time host Evan Solomon correctly asked if Enbridge was funding Ethical Oil, Marshall would loudly filibuster the question, refusing to answer. She kept yelling about ‘puppets’, and changing the subject. Her vocabulary during the whole segment consisted of about a dozen words, repeated over and over. It was pure theatre. Of the absurd.

Why is Ethical Oil so afraid of transparency? Why can’t Kathryn Marshall and Ethical Oil answer a simple question - who is funding their organization?

And, is Enbridge a part of that funding?

Something fishy is going on here.

X-posted at Let Freedom Rain .

7 comments to Why is Ethical Oil too terrified to confirm if it is funded by Enbridge or not? UPDATED with video.

  • Big Winnie

    She always had her eyes closed when she was talking about “money”. Moreover, there is an interesting article at the Ottawa Citizen:

    Where is there funding coming from?

    Big Winnie Reply:

    It should be their not there

  • Jymn

    Interesting point, Big Winnie. Why does she close her eyes at those moments? Guilt? Knows she’s lying? Can’t believe she’s saying these preposterous things?

  • 900ft jesus

    Hell!!! She’s set on an insane loop, right down to the smug looks and blinking eyes. Good for Solomon for not passing her dodges as a valid answer.

  • Kev

    These front groups and the pols have become so conditioned to not having their bullshit challenged by the media that they are wholly unprepared on the rare occasions when it is challenged. It appears the the Harper regime may have taken their crap too far this time as the media seems to be emboldened on this file. Lets hope that it is a sign of things to come.

  • ron wilton

    Harper doesn’t have the gonies to say these things outside the PMO. That’s why he lets the ankle biting poodles loose with such regularity.

    Helga Marshall is starting to look a lot like Lisa Raitt. Kinda reminds me of Monica and that butch that took Clinton down.

  • rick barlow

    The good thing for Canadians is that her stupidity is taking the utube viral. More canadians will be aware of this issue.