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Update in comments, see links below.
Shares an address in Toronto with Tony Clement.
Minister of Gazebo’s in Muskoka.
From a website in the archives…

02/ 19/ 04 12:21 pm

Fourteen Canadian Alliance Councillors say:
Fourteen members of the former Canadian Alliance National  Council released a statement today, declaring their support for Tony Clement’s  campaign for Conservative Leader. “Tony Clement will bring to the position of  Leader of the Conservative Party a wealth of party organization, Parliament and  government experience,” the statement read.
The statement was drafted by  former Alliance leaders like Don Morgan (National Councillor from Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan) Bill McGill (VP and Party Secretary, from British Columbia), Rod  Farrell (Party Secretary and Councillor from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) and Nancy  Jahn (1st Vice-President, from Pakenham, Ontario).
“I’m proud to have  these men and women on board,” Clement said. “Their support proves our campaign  is the only one that can truly unite the grassroots of our Party and fight the  Paul Martin/Jean Chretien legacy as one team,” Clement said.
Clement “has wide appeal with both former Reform/Alliance members and provincial and  federal Progressive Conservatives and is well positioned to take the  Conservative Party of Canada from its post-merger transition to a unified,  cohesive and articulate player in Canadian politics,” the statement reads. “Now  is the time to build bridges. By his track record, Tony has shown that he is the  man to build them…” the statement concludes.
Tony Clement Campaign PO Box 1047, 31 Adelaide St. East Toronto, ON M5C 2K4 Toll Free 1-866-257-4499 Direct 416-848-8180
Fast forward to the Enbridge debate and the commentary put forward from the “grassroots” website, registered by Ezra Levant to pimp his book, with the help of the blonde puppet…
Google the above address and you get Ezra’s EthicalHogwash.
Still expect the HarperGovernment to respect the will of the people and the rule of law?
Neither do I…
We have now entered…

TheTwilight Zone

7 comments to Crudities

  • ron wilton

    Some might be surprised to know that Oilycan Velshi, Ezra LeRant, Toni Clement, Johnboy Baird, Jacey Kenney and Stevie Harper all have something else in common besides an address.

    Kim Reply:

    An Alma mater? The Calgary School?

    Holly Stick Reply:

    They’ve had some US funding? at least some have. Levant had an internship paid by the Koch Brothers.

    Kim Reply:

    University of Calgary. The Koch’s. The Fraser Institute. This guy is a psychopath.

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  • Skinny Dipper

    Couldn’t “Ethical” Oil have used a Calgary or Vancouver address instead?

  • Kim

    Here’s the skinny. Seems the connections run much deeper.