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Media’s anti-Occupy stance revealed. More than half of Canadians support the movement.

By reading 90% of the Canadian media, you’d have thought the people who Occupied cities across Canada and the world were unemployable dirty fucking hippies intent on violence and rape.

Seems a majority of Canadians - and most of the world - still do not share the media’s jaundiced view of the mostly young people who pitched tents and gathered in overwhelmingly non-violent protest of a variety of issues, most notably income inequality.

Over half of Canadians sympathized with the Occupy movement, according to the results tallied from 23 countries and released Friday by global research company Ipsos.

Canadians sat right on the fence, with 52 per cent of respondents who were given a brief description of the movement reporting that they sympathized. That’s just a hair under the global average of 53 per cent but well above the U.S., where 45 per cent of respondents reported they were sympathetic.

Within Canada, respondents from Ontario were the most sympathetic to the Occupy movement, at 55 per cent. Quebec followed at 54 per cent, then B.C. (53 per cent), the Atlantic region (51 per cent), Saskatchewan and Manitoba combined (45 per cent) and Alberta (43 per cent).

You can bet this approval percentage would be even higher had the public been advised with an objective hand of the facts about Occupy by our media. Think about our opinionators in the media, a great majority themselves bathed in the 1%, who didn’t, or couldn’t, or wouldn’t cotton to a bunch of youth expressing themselves in a sometimes inconvenient and colourful manner.

How dare they, asked our curmudgeons in the pages of the Globe & Mail and Sun Media in particular, wear such outlandish clothes, hold up correctly-spelled signs and embrace the homeless and the disenfranchised? Here’s your answer, you wrinkled old prunes. Most Canadians don’t agree with you and they only got half the picture – the marked-up, dirty back side. Thanks a lot.

X-posted at Let Freedom Rain .

4 comments to Media’s anti-Occupy stance revealed. More than half of Canadians support the movement.

  • Julie

    You can believe the polls, about as much as we can believe the media. We also know, well over half of Canadians did not want Harper as P.M.

    What about Enbridge, they say the BC people are coming around to accept their pipeline. Over 80% of the BC citizens are supporting the F.N….To stop the atrocities of the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers. some communities are 100% against the Enbridge pipeline. Why do you suppose, Harper put his heavy, big gun Conservative henchman Boessenkool into BC? That’s because Harper knows, BC is against Enbridge and the dirty tankers. Boessenkool lobbied for Enbridge, the stink in BC is going to make all of us gag, as usual.

  • Cynthia

    If theres a hope at all for the occupy movement in canada media should never be looked at with more then a grain of salt. of course the media is going to be against us even when more than half the population seems to know the truth, they only exist to make money. i wouldnt even look at those poles taken in seriousness, how do we know they werent there to discourage us occupiers to think that our support isnt there. really we will never know what will come of the movement in canada. if we dont start fighting our dictator out of office we will never get anywhere. harper has taken away all funding for environmental studies. we droped out of kyoto, canada has 8 new military bombing planes that we dont need if we are a so called peace keeping country. we are moving away from the idea of green energy to move towards war. we are NOT the canadians we want to be proud of anymore. we must change the ways of our country to help the rest of the world.

  • klem

    Perhaps more than half of Candaian support it, but after a few months of protesting on public property, it becomes less of a protest and more of just plain squatting. That’s why the squatters were kicked out.

  • Will

    Despite the lack of media support, The Occupy movement is supported all around the world. This video proves it: