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Shit Ol’ Vic ‘Lock ‘em up’ Toews Said

Yes, boys ‘n’ girls, shit keeps coming outta that mouth of his.  He, who recently said that it is perfectly ok to use information derived from torture, has done it again.

You see, that dastardly ol’ bill c-51, that so-called ‘lawful access law’, is rearing its’ ugly head again. You know, the one where  warrantless online spying will become law of the land. Apparently, those of us who are concerned about our privacy or how far will law enforcement will abuse these powers are sympathizers of pedophiles and organized crime.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said the law will give the tools to police to adequately deal with 21st-century technology, and said anyone opposing the laws favours “the rights of child pornographers and organized crime ahead of the rights of lawabiding citizens.”

Now, most of us sane people understand how ridiculous this is, but how many will buy that talking point is what’s scary.

So, those of us who may have concerns about having our information bought and sold to basically anyone in the world, are really on this side of pedophiles?

Alison from Creekside has her take on this. So do others.  I will go a step further that this has nothing to do with catching pedophiles and one has to start wondering who the ‘bad guys’ really are.

I contend that this has nothing to do with child pornographers or pedophiles; not one iota.  But, a good cover to sell such a hideous bill, though.  Don’t believe me? Any bets as to how few child pornographers and pedophiles will be caught? Or at least, not more than law enforcement does now?  On that note, any bets as to those who will be targetted will be those non-white people with funny sounding names like Abousfian or Arar (I’m paraphrasing that quote from someone, I dont’ remember who)? Also, anyone of us dastardly lefties who dare speak against those  precious Harpercons or plan activities such as protests? I always knew they would criminalize dissent. That crappy bill is another step toward that end.

No, as usual, Vic ‘lock’em up’ Toews et al only care about building their little utopia by controlling everyone else and that has nothing to do with justice. If he really cared about child pornographers, online, how about educational programs to teach children and their parents to protect themselves ? Also, more programs of support for those who do fall prey to online pornographers and pedophilia?

3 comments to Shit Ol’ Vic ‘Lock ‘em up’ Toews Said

  • Jymn

    Family Values adulterer Vic Toews, who dumped his wife and family for a younger piece of tail, equates opponents with ‘child pornographers’. Credible?

    ck Reply:

    Not to mention, the hypocrisy is stunning. Those Harpercons claimed the long gun registry and long form census were “too intrusive”. That new warrantless internet spying bill isn’t?

  • Linda

    Harper is a Reformer, his Northern Foundation Party he founded in 1989, is very shady indeed. Dictators, must first control the media, then control everything they can get their hands on. So, control of the inter-net, doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    Harper hates the web, his dastardly deeds are now done behind closed doors. Harper gives, banks, mines, gas and oil corporations, billions of our tax dollars. He also gives them huge tax reductions. This was watched on the House of Commons TV channel, and was posted on the net. Needless to say, Harper was most displeased. Of course, politicians hate the web, they hate being exposed for the crap they pull on the citizens.