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The Cure (for what ails us)

Everybody I have come across lately share a common thread.  We are all experiencing a general malaise.  Downright bitchy even.  I know I have been feeling that way.  Frustrated, out of sorts and unable to articulate exactly why.  Hence my recent lack of blogposts.
But then it occurred to me.  It doesn’t feel at all good to be a Canadian right now.  For the first time in my life, the feeling that Canada evokes in me is revulsion.  Our beautiful country has denigrated to the point of malice and division.  We have illegitimate governments, corrupted by global corporations turning our True North Strong and Free into Haiti North (a division of insert international corporate logo here ).
Snap out of it!
We need to realise that we are at a point in history that we need to act, we need to pull together as citizens of the Canada we could become.  That leaves no more time for polite discourse or the increasingly vitriolic rhetoric that seems to predominate the public conversation.
We need national unity.  From fisherpeople and hewers of wood to oilsands workers and manufacturers and artisans.  Union and self employed or disabled, aged or ill.  Left or right of the political spectrum or apolitical and unwilling to participate in the current fraud we call democracy…
We need to talk about the fact that we can’t trust the government to act in the public interest and that an election is not going to change that .
We need to gather in our streets
and take back our public spaces.  Demand a public referendum on changing our election process to one where the citizens will is reflected in public policy.  A Nationalized Energy Policy.  Food security for all Canadians and beyond, independant of world financial markets and based on local and sustainable solutions.  Local economies independant of Free Trade Agreements and the litigations they breed.  Clean water.
We need to erase all national debt globally
and free all nations to print their own currency by the national banks based on nominal simple interest so that nation states may reinvest in the only asset.  People.  Especially children.  When children are allowed to blossom with the innate creativity we are all born with the world becomes a better place.  People rediscover the joy of empathy and our extreme good fortune to be born into this incredible garden.
Spring has come
Sharpen you pitchforks.  Invade your local farmers market and support local food production.  Plant your own garden, whether it’s a part of your lawn, a pot on the patio or a community garden project.  Take part in your community.  Start a conversation and be an active listener.  This is an opportunity for Canadians to shake off the apathy and reject the dystopia being imposed on us.  Your enemy is not your neighbour as the state would like you to believe, it is your acceptance of the lies and other crimes committed by the fascists that have overtaken our democracy.  This is our Watch.  It’s up to us now to take our place in the historical record of note.
A note to legislators, police and military
Join us.  You will be asked by your “superiors” to confront the people and do harm to them.  This will not be the honourable battle you envisioned when you signed up, but your true compatriots, your family they will ask you to betray.  That amounts to Treason.  Lay down your weapons and join with the people to create a better world for our children.  “There is a place for you at our table”, Starhawk, The Fifth Sacred Thing .
Thanks for listening, I hope this helps you overcome the apathy, as it has done for me.

7 comments to The Cure (for what ails us)

  • Boris

    You’ve been reading my thoughts :)

    Kim Reply:

    Yes, I have. Thank you for blogging them ;)

  • Kev

    Mine too Thanks

  • Kelly

    What every Canadian has to do… to regain our self respect. Thanks for the wake up call Sister Sage. ♥

  • kootcoot

    It wouldn’t hurt to look at how Iceland has chosen to deal with the fraudsters and banksters. Iceland faces certain challenges and also is blessed with rich resources……and so is Canada, if we could just get the people to pay attention to things that actually matter!

    Kim Reply:

    Kootcoot, exactly.

    Failed banks, bailed citizens, jailed criminals. Iceland is the new model for democracy.

  • Sherri Ingrey

    Greek citizens launched a criminal action against their Government at the Hague today…