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Bevie Oda ^Not Fiscally Responsible–Apparently, 5-Star Just Ain’t Good Enough

It would appear that the female Roy Orbison wannabe decided that a 5-star hotel, where the conference she was attending last year, was just not good enough for her !

Oda was originally supposed to stay at the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, site of the conference on international immunizations she was attending.

Instead, she had staff rebook her into the posh Savoy overlooking the Thames, an old favourite of royalty and currently owned by Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia.

The switcheroo is reminiscent of a controversial trip six years ago, when Oda rejected a minivan for transportation and opted for a limousine instead.

Oda had a luxury car and driver in London shuttling her between conference site, her new hotel and beyond at an average cost of nearly $1,000 a day.

The bill for three nights at the Savoy last June set back taxpayers $1,995, or $665 a night. The government still had to pay for a night at the hotel she rejected, costing an additional $287.

An orange juice Oda expensed from the Savoy cost $16.

Yeah, Bevie trying to out diva the Hollywood starlets on the dime of the tax payers who can't even afford trips to London, let alone the Savoy.  Livin'  it up like the British Monarchy.

$16 dollar orange juice? What the hell? Did the orange growers from Florida make a special trip to squeeze the oranges themselves?

Boys 'n' girls, what we're seeing here is another classic example of do as I say and not as I do. Austerity is for us, but not for them.  So we're expected to suffer unemployment without EI, lose our health care, etc. etc, so these people can have 16$ per glass of orange juice as swanky hotels?

Cue in Robin Leach, it is indeed another installment of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Conservative .  Indeed, "Oda sucks back a gold-tipped cigarette woven with finest tabacco hand picked by poor children in the Himalayas."  Well, I guess she needs something to go with her overpriced OJ.

This latest stunt of her's also proves her lack of empathy for others--how can she look at those pictures of poverty stricken countries and still sleep at night?

Oh and all those folks who defend the largesse of these Harpercons, saying that they're "not like us" and/or should have certain entitlements, can you justify this, honestly?

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