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While US gun nuts petition to deport Piers Morgan, Brits petition to “Keep Piers Morgan in the USA”

Like a lot of progressives and centrists, I’ve found the whole petition to deport CNN‘s insufferable Piers Morgan to be a laughable if not preposterous cause, even for the right wing. Even funnier though is the effort of British folks to keep Morgan in the USA. While the former petition has reached 70K signatures over the last week, the upstart UK version to the Obama administration already has 25K in a single day.

Of course the UK version is a bit of a laugh, like the Brits are wont to do.

Hey, I support Morgan’s evisceration of the nuts at the NRA. And I do appreciate his surprisingly supportive interviews with Michael Moore. But the man is knee deep in the Murdoch mess and his thin, reedy voice drives me crazy. He’s just a bad TV presence.

The whole thing – especially the gun lobby version – is farcical. The original petitioners never even considered the 1st Amendment issues, so concerned are they with the 2nd.

The real winner? CNN. All this publicity must be good news for the ailing network and its abysmal ratings. Piers Morgan will come out of this OK, too. His stinging Tweets and retorts to the gun nuts have been if nothing else, amusing. He’s sure to hang in there for years to come. Thanks a lot gun idiots!

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