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I Know You want It!

My opinion on what the fuck that was with BC RCMP Tuesday morning, that is…

Give me a fucking break.  We are supposed to believe that a drug addicted and drunken welfare couple from a basement suite in Surrey conspired to cause bloodshed and mayham in Victoria on Monday?

But E division was already on the case, and rendered the bombs inert without locking down the Leg buildings?

Welfare day was June 19.  By July 1, this couple would have been broke.  No ferry fare, no pressure cookers, no explosives.  Welfare in BC does not pay well enough to buy local food, let alone three pressure cookers.

And if our boys in scarlet were so on the case, then why were these people allowed to take the ferry with thier bombs to Victoria, presumably on the bus, since they didn’t even own a bike!  I want to see proof that they actually crossed the straight to Victoria.  Otherwise, who did?

False flag attempt.  Very clumsy and thin.  Al Qaeda inspired but without Al Qaeda.  Small time petty criminal, drug addicted and a known thug.  His “troubled” girlfriend.  The RCMP had been investigating since Febuary.  According to this government website, charges were filed in March and then again on June 25th, well before Canada Day.

This is bad.

Yesterday the Commanding Officer of the Merritt RCMP was let off for stealing Cocaine out of the evidence locker at work.  Next week our “premier” faces a bi election .  Harper is desparate for a change of channel, any change…

Just sayin’

7 comments to I Know You want It!

  • Owen Gray

    Something truly doesn’t smell right on this one.

  • Kev

    This smells even worse than the Toronto 18 and that one reeked

  • Priscilla Judd

    O my Gosh – I couldn’t stop laughing – thank you so much – I needed that! Your post is the best!!! Every observation is bang on (Ms Marpole)

  • Rene

    I made the following comments to an so-called discussion of the latest alleged apprehended terrorist coup on Yahoo Canada, an alleged discussion inasmuch as very few were genuinely interested in how such an apprehended plot actually unfolded, but were otherwise engaged in venting their hatred and rage against those living on social assistance, wannabe musicians, converts to Islam, the Surrey mosque, muslim immigrants, all Canadians of islamic faith and so on, discussing means of torture and execution for the hapless Surrey plotters:

    “And how were these alleged terrorists, with a history of drug addiction, living off social assistance in Surrey, with no resources to speak of, and no connections other than to the RCMP, supposed to carry out the deed. Hitchhike to Victoria carrying bombs in backpacks. Elsewhere drug addicts on social assistance barely have the budget to buy explosives from the local convenience store for Canada Day celebrations and certainly don’t have the budget or resources to plan a trip to the provincial capital to plant bombs at the legislature.”

    “So the RCMP have apparently netted a couple of losers indulging in scheming and plotting, but lacking the resources to actually follow through.”

    and again:

    “Abbotsford is at least two hours or more away from Victoria, assuming the individuals had transportation, so if the pair were arrested at 2 pm in Abbotsford on Canada Day, who planted the devices in Victoria, or were the pair simply lead to believe their co-conspirators were planting the devices on their behalf while they arranged to meet at the designated getaway point in Abbotsford…”

    After a number of idiot “don’t bother us with the details of their guilt, just hang the muslim-lovers high” lynch mob Yahoos had given me thumbs down for asking such questions, I responded:

    “It’s a legitimate question. The article does not indicate whether the pair travelled to Victoria, planted the devices and set the timers with at least a two hour delay and were arrested two hours later at a pre-arranged rendezvous in Abbotsford, or whether they were simply arrested in Abbotsford and charged with conspiracy to commit a terrorist act.”

  • Rene

    When news of the alleged terrorist plot was initially reported, I submitted the following comment to a Yahoo Canada discussion of the report:

    “A series of more than 400 illegal break-ins by the RCMP were revealed by Vancouver Sun reporter John Sawatsky in his front-page exposé headline “Trail of break-in leads to RCMP cover-up” on December 7, 1976. The story won the Vancouver Sun the Michener Award that year.”

    “In 1974, RCMP Security Service Corporal Robert Samson was arrested at a hospital after a failed bombing – the bomb exploded while in his hands, causing him to lose some fingers and tearing his eardrums – at the house of Sam Steinberg, founder of Steinberg Foods in Montreal. While this bombing was not sanctioned by the RCMP, at trial he announced that he had done “much worse” on behalf of the RCMP, and admitted he had been involved in the APLQ break-in.”

    “So what was Corporal Samson trying to achieve, blowing up Sam Steinberg’s house? Who were they trying to pin this on? Given that the FLQ was riddled with RCMP operatives during the late 60′s, I would not be amiss in surmising that many of the Montreal mailbox bombings were the handiwork of their operatives..”

    “So I would take the latest tale of terror apprehended with a grain of salt. Maybe we have a handful of radicals somewhat akin to the Squamish Five, or maybe we have some dupes netted in a web of intrigue the RCMP was weaving. Let’s reserve judgement on the alleged crimes and criminals until more facts are presented…”

    To which some simple-minded champions of the RCMP and Harper’s law and order agenda responded that anyone alleging RCMP misdeeds, collusion or conspiracy with terrorists, entrapment of feeble-minded conspirators in RCMP terror conspiracies is just “plain nuts”.

    I replied that the RCMP have been known to produce acts of terror when genuine terrorists are in short supply,

    “I am merely replying to the argument the RCMP would do no such thing, and anyone who believes otherwise is “plain nuts”. Their activities have extended from politically motivated bombings and arson to theft of memberships lists from the offices of political parties to placing moles within the leadership of political parties.”

    “In response to such allegations of misdeeds, the Quebec government launched the Keable Inquiry into Illegal Police Activities in 1977, which resulted in 17 members of the RCMP being charged with 44 offences. A parallel enquiry was launched by the Government of Canada in the same year, establishing a Commission of enquiry headed by Justice David McDonald to investigate allegations of widespread wrongdoing by the RCMP. Solicitor General Francis Fox, on behalf of the Government of Canada, admitted to widespread misdeeds and abuses committed by the RCMP in 1977. The inquiry’s 1981 recommendation was to limit the RCMP’s role in intelligence operations, and resulted in the formation of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service three years later.”

    “As to whether all such abuses have been curbed, and whether it matters what the RCMP does in the name of public security or national security, ask the residents of High River, Alberta or various federal politicians who recently voiced such complaints on their behalf….”

    Kim Reply:

    Comment threads on the Corporate Media Websites are bad places to hang out, in my experience. Littered with operatives of misinformation trying to muddy the information with thier strawman arguments and insults. I try to avoid them, I get too discouraged.

  • Rene

    True. You do encounter some of the lowest forms of humanity on some of these websites, but it is occasionally revealing as to whether anyone has some informed, rational argument to present in defense of a given perspective. Most do not and simply vent their hatred.

    It is instructive though that the Muslim community is being held responsible for the alleged crimes of a former Satanic punk rocker and consort, apparently attracted to some badass violent warrior version of Islam, who actively sought physical confrontations with online opponents of Islam, whose application to join the local mosque was rejected by the local Muslim community, whereas the local Church congregation which Richard Bain attended is not held responsible for the murderous actions of this individual, who claimed his acts of terror were inspired by his Christian beliefs.