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Stevie Spiteful Changes the Deck Chairs on the Titanic, So What?

Boys ‘n’ girls, I have no idea why I am even posting about this. Perhaps to put some reality into that situation. Pundits and columnists alike are all ga ga giddy trying to guess which Harpercon puppet will go where.  Why, it will “invigorate” the Harpercons!  Putting a freshery, younger and perhaps more female face to Stevie’s inner sanctum will indeed help him beat Justin Trudeau or Thomas Mulcair and magically, all will be forgotten about senate gate.  Yeah, right.

Sure ol’ Vic Toews is out, but, will that really improve anything? I mean, seriously. Sure Vic was a vile man and he won’t be missed, but another puppet will simply be put in his place, who, no doubt, will pump those same ‘dumb on crime’ ideals of their’s. No doubt, under Stevie’s orders, whoever will be the new Public Security minister, that hand puppet will be touting the Liberals as soft on crime and the NDP as in bed with the terrorists, and vice-versa.

As for Petey Kent, minister of the environment (TRANSLATION: Minister of being from the GTA and promote climate change denial and doing all ruin the planet and sabotage the efforts of others to save it); he hinted that he would be “ok” with being demoted to be a back bencher.  Ok, so, another minister gets thrown under the bus for doing exactly what Stevie wanted him to do in the first place.  If as many imagine,  Michelle Rempel could get this portfolio. So, now it’ll just be a prettier, younger face propogandizing Stevie’s sacrifice the planet so his rich oil buddies can get richer. I guess to many of those old white men, who are basically Stevie’s base would prefer a young blonde touting Stevie’s points on the big TV screen.

Jason KKKenney is supposedly slated for a promotion for promoting Israel above all, including CAnada and schmoozing the “good” immigrants for votes.  Now, where oh where could they send him. Not justice– has to be a lawyer, and ol’ KKKenney doesn’t even have an undergraduate degree.

Moving Gordon O’Connor out from being the whip won’t change much.  All Harpercon votes are whipped by Master Stevie hisself.

And boys ‘n’ girls, stop wondering, ol’ Defict Jimbo Flaherty will remain at finance. Unless, of course, Stevie wants somebody who can better sell austerity, which really hasn’t been that tough of a sell to Complacent Canadians who think austerity is a good thing, because it treats them like grown-ups. Remember austerity right wing = grown up and anything left of that is compared to “candy” and “sugar highs” and “childish”.

It doesn’t matter which puppet he puts there. Same for House Leader.    Porky Petey Van Loan may be nasty, but nasty is exactly how Stevie wants his his House of Commons. He wants it as nasty and as dysfunctional as possible.

At the end of the day,  it is and always has been the Stevie show, a one man show.  Given that fact, does it really matter who ends up where in the game of Harpercon musical chairs?

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