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Harper’s Problem

Stephen Harper has a little problem.
Her name is Theresa Spence.  She is Chief of the Attawapiskat Nation and she is tired of being bullied.  In fact, she is not going to take it anymore.  On December 11, 2012 this leader started a hunger strike.  Her demand is simple.  She wants the Prime Minister and the Crown, along with Provincial leaders to meet with the Chiefs of First Nations and open a dialogue about Sovereignty.
Recently, Harper passed a so called omnibus budget bill.  This wasn’t just a budget, this was death to environmental sovereignty, protection of navigable waters, rivers, lakes and countless species of flora and fauna.  This included attacks on the Indian Act as well, an obscure attempt to assimilate First Nations and privatise their last bastion, the reserve lands.
In order for Canada to progress as a Nation State, we need to discover how best to preserve our sovereignty over our land and our water.  We need to own our responsibility to our grandchildren’s grandchildren.  That means preserving our resources.  Respecting the intrinsic value of our undiminished landscape.  Planning for future generations, instead of 4 year election cycles or fiscal quarters.
Harper has a choice.  He can ignore Theresa Spence and hope Canadians and the world don’t notice her passing, or he can take the bull by the horns and meet with the Chiefs and forge a new way forward, securing a place in the history books.  But we all know that Harper is not going to do anything progressive.  He’s too “old school” for that.  Yes, our young Prime Minister appeals most strongly to the geriatric set.  The privledged, white, bigoted set.
How is it that a relatively young man, supposedly educated at the University of Calgary, would find his niche market in such an odd demographic?  His mentor at School…
Tom Flanagan.
An American, Flanagan taught at the Calgary School and took special interest in  Louis Riel and Treaties.  Mr. Flannagan is on the record advocating for assimilation of First Nations.  Mr Flanagan is on the board at the Extremely Right Wing Fraser Institute.  He was instrumental in the crazy right wing Reform Party, Preston Manning, Stockwell Day and Harper the sock puppet.  He is on record calling for the assassination of Julian Assange.  This man has been accused of offering a million dollar life insurance policy to the dying Chuck Cadman for his vote against a Liberal Budget.  As far as anyone knows, the RCMP refused to investigate.  Most recently, Flanagan worked for the Wildrose Party.
I’m willing to hypothesize that Harper does not have the courage to lead his way out of this little problem.  If he does not, this little problem will get a whole lot bigger.
What is a tinpot dictator to do?

5 comments to Harper’s Problem

  • myna lee johnstone

    Flanagan was here on SSI a month ago for the Salt Spring Forum with his very pointy shoes

    He says Harper won’t talk to him anymore.

    Kim Reply:

    I heard there was a falling out between them, Myna.

    I guess all the rich and evil show up on SSI at one time or another. Lucky you.

  • Julie

    On TV, Harper declared himself a Christian. He said, he “preys” every day.

    Harper “prey’s” as he is giving, our resources, our resource jobs and our country to Communist China. Harper gave Red China the right to sue, any Canadians blocking China’s takeover of Canada. By Harper’s permission. China sued for all of the mining jobs in BC. The BC courts did award Red China, all of the BC mining jobs.

    That’s the monster Chief Spence is up against. Chief Spence and her Canadian Human Rights, are no different than, Harper’s Communist China’s peoples, Human Rights. They don’t have any.

    Chairman Mao Harper and his Comrade Ministers, could care less about the Canadian citizens. That is in our faces, obvious.

    Kim Reply:

    He preys every day, of that I am sure.

    And yes, it certainly is obvious.

  • Comrade Okie

    Something that should go viral on the internet; you have to think about a bit though which unfortunately excludes most and would require user instuctions I suppose. sigh…

    The Story of Mankind in 43 seconds, Monkey with a Gun