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Harpercon Cheerleaders! Why do you Demand more Accountability from First Nations and Unions but Not From Your own Government?

Boys ‘n’ girls, as of now, Employment Insurance will be next to impossible to receive, but, of course, not only are we all still obligated to contribute to the EI fund, but our preniums are going up.  How is that fair??  Hey, Harpercon cheerleaders! Time to wake ‘n’ bake, how come you don’t ask where our EI preniums are going? And if most of us will not be able to get it when we need it the most, how come you’re not demanding your precious Diane to opt out of paying this ‘prenium’ which is nothing more than yet another tax being dressed up.

While the racist lunatics are demanding accountability from Chief Theresa Spence and other Native reserves,  I have not heard a peep about demanding their beloved Harpercons for accountability. Why is that. Oh and by the by, anyone thinking that Chief Spence has not been accountable, may I invite you to learn how to read? Sorry, they’re not pop-up books.   For those who do know how to read,  I invite you to take a look here and here. The latter has fun links to some fun informative things, like this breakdown of their programs.

Ah, but have no fear, boys ‘n’ girls, those same racist fools are the same who follow like sheep to the slaughter to trash unions and also demand accountability from them. Again,  where’s the demand for accountability from Canada’s most secretive government in history? How come they don’t demand the Harpercons to “show the money” as they put it?

Why no outrage for our tax dollars paying for such frivolities such as gazebos, fake lakes, glow sticks in Tugboat Tony’s riding? Or Bevie Odeous spending on limos, 5+ star hotels and orange juice?  Or how’s about the latest? Deficit Jimbo Flaherty using our tax dollars to seek ‘beauty’ help from the likes of Maybelline and Cover Girl?  The make-up furnished at TV studios is not good enough? Got a newsflash for ya, Jimbo, you’re still hideous in every sense of the word and you’re definitely not getting our money’s worth with all Cover Girl and Maybelline you use.

And while we’re on the subject of  beauty, Stevie Spiteful? Ms Michelle Muntean really doesn’t improve your looks any, now does she?  Yes, boys ‘n’ girls, we are also paying Ms Muntean in her futile attempts to make Stevie more ‘attractive’.  Again, don’t tv stations already have make-up artists on staff?  I wonder how much of our tax dollars are going on keeping Stevie’s rug shellaqued and stapled to his head?

Why is it only anyone even slightly to the left of Stevie Spiteful that have to be beyond reproach?

Most of all, why is it ok to provide corporate subsidies to keep well-healed CEOs in 7 figure salaries and bonuses while the rest of us get poorer? I mean, they scapegoat the poor and are always beating welfare recipients down, demanding how they spend their money, yet they don’t demand the corporations show their money and accept those subsidies, nor do they question the wealthiest parking their money in tax havens like Switzerland or the Cayman Islands.

Oh yeah! Because they’re Conservatives and anything goes if you’re a conservative!

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