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Another Government Watchdog gets the boot

I heard it from Laila Yuile , who got it from some newspaper with a paywall…

”John Doyle, the tough Auditor-general who has taken the B.C. Liberal government to task on everything from access to documents related to the Basi-Virk political corruption case to B.C. Hydro’s highly controversial use of deferral accounts, appears to have been denied in his bid for a second term.

On Saturday, a legislative committee charged with deciding if Doyle’s five-year term should be renewed, ran a series of newspaper advertisements seeking a new candidate for the job, a clear sign they have decided to find a new Auditor-general for B.C.

The committee gave applicants until January 25 to apply.”

Mr Doyle, much like Kevin Page in Ottawa, has been calling out the fascists government for accounting errors, lies, errors under the law and other frauds committed against the people.  His services are apparently no longer required.  I wonder who will replace him…

Wally Oppal, special prosecuter hunter and gatherer?

Craig James, for services rendered during the peoples referendum on the HST?

Phil Hochstein, defender of right to exploit foreign workers for peanuts to break the labour movement at any cost?

Or the Minister of corruption and money laundering himself, the less than honourable Rich Coleman?

All seriousness aside, 20 days of competition does suggest that there is a “suitable” candidate in the wings.

And all of this “News” goes down at the oddest times of the week and year.  The friday afternoon document dump has morphed like the boxing day sale, leaching insidiously into Saturday, Sunday and even the Midnight hour from a foreign country document dump.

Give us a break.

1 comment to Another Government Watchdog gets the boot

  • Troy

    Considering Doyle will be working until October, and the election will be in May, I’m only somewhat worried. The BC NDP is likely to keep Doyle on if they win, but if the BC Libs win, then the independent BC bureaucracy is likely screwed.