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Yeah, Mr McGuinty! How Dare You Restrict My Freedoms By Implementing a Worker’s Rights Bill!

Well, not my freedoms; I live in Quebec for openers.  However, that is basically what’s ruining  Maria “Dodo Can’t Spell” ’s day or shall I say, life, to hear her rant about it. That’s right boys ‘n’ girls! Rights for Temp Workers is tantamount to slavery! Slavery! She says! Apparently, she enjoys being forced to pay part of her hard earned cash to a temp agency rather than pocketing it,  and she hates things like benefits, legal holidays and the like.

No…. in the great one’s almighty total vision and deep set knowledge that whatever he does is done because it is the right thing to do, he did my thinking for me. I do not have the freedom to choose the kind of job or the kind of employer I choose to be with. Mr. Nanny McGuinty knows what’s best for me. He will not only choose the employer for me, he will tell the employer what he thinks the employer is supposed to pay me and how important it is that the employer hire me, pamper me, put me on a pedestal.

Dodo is ranting about Bill 139–the new Ontario Temp Worker Protection bill . Let’s go over some highlights of this bill and see exactly what would make a Blogging SupposiTory  so miffed.

The Bill will effectively end fees charged to workers by temporary agencies, reduce barriers to permanent work, ensure workers receive public holiday pay, require agencies to provide information on employment standards rights and provide equal access to agency termination and severance protections under the employment standards act.

Essentially, giving temps same rights as permanent workers, thus eliminating exploitation many temps; I can see how this may irk someone like Dodo!

Perhaps Dodo should apply for a job at McDonald’s, where apparently, they tell you who to vote for (in the States). That’s temporary, part time, pays crap, no benefits, the bosses are generally nasty, hell, the conditions are really nasty.  The kitchen is gross:  Dodo should feel right at home there!  There now, and think! your Premier McGuinty didn’t have to make that choice for ya!  Just another brilliant suggestion from your’s truly.

Her rantings have also proven how many of the lesser educated cons tend to be massochistic; gluttons for self-punishment.  Brainwashing has been successful indeed.

Just a question for Dodo though, how does exploitation by temp agencies or by employers bring freedom??

3 comments to Yeah, Mr McGuinty! How Dare You Restrict My Freedoms By Implementing a Worker’s Rights Bill!

  • Jymn

    “…he did my thinking for me”: no need to read beyond that. It says everything.

  • FFIB

    Does DoDo run a temp agency? If so with this bill she would loose the freedom to exploit her workers, I assume.

    Unfortunately, freedom has become an overused paradoxical noun.

  • ck

    No, it seems she’s been registered with one, getting calls from them to do temp assignments for the same company. It does beg the question though, why the company simply didn’t hire her directly after all that time; cheaper for the company and the employee earns more.

    But it’s funny how she is ranting on her post about government actually doing a good thing for the working class; something that doesn’t happen too often under any party at any level of government. Seems she prefers to be exploited. Gawd only knows why! But then, she’s part of that tea-baggin’ group we see in the US: blue collar types who scream and get mad and protest health care for themselves but insist vehemently that the wealthiest not pay too many taxes, if any at all. Twisted world we live in these days.