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Surprised Stevie Hasn’t Scolded Bratty Brad For His Tantrum? I’m Not

Harpercon MP for Saskatoon-Humboldt and Fetus Fetishist extraordinaire, Brad Trost is having a temper tantrum as of late :

Late in the afternoon of Thursday, September 22nd, I received a phone call from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) about a news story on the CBC that had run earlier in the day. The CBC reported that the federal government had approved funding for the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

A PMO staffer explained to me that the story had not been accurate when it ran, but due to the day’s events, the CBC story was mostly accurate now. Apparently, six staffers in CIDA Minister Bev Oda’s office had been working on a grant to fund IPPF — and one of them decided to leak the story to the CBC.

Rather than deny the story, a decision was made to rush funding to IPPF to the tune of $6 million over three years. (I was told that the funding letter was sent out at 4 pm that afternoon.)

People have asked how funding IPPF squares with the repeated statement that Canada will not fund abortion internationally. The PMO attempts to square this circle by only permitting IPPF funding to go into countries that ban abortion.

Considering that promoting abortion internationally is central to the identity of IPPF, this sort of political hairsplitting only seems to make sense in the Ottawa bubble. This is a position I totally reject.

Since 2006, Conservative MPs have been asking to have IPPF defunded.

In 2006, our request that federal funding for IPPF be stopped was ignored because we asked politely–and behind closed doors.

In 2009, we became more aggressive and began to take our campaign public.

Many, many Conservative MPs pressed the PMO to stop the funds from flowing. Federal funding did stop for a time. Funds allocated to IPPF were considerably reduced. Furthermore, federal grants for IPPF also had more strings attached.

This only happened because of the pressure applied. This was a real victory.

Bureaucrats have fought for years to keep the status quo and continue the funding of the IPPF that was established by the Liberals.

The battle over the IPPF continues.

Pro-Life politicians have been taught a lesson.

The government only responds to Pro-Life issues and concerns when we take an aggressive stance.

We will apply this lesson.

This, boys ‘n’ girls, is in response to Bevie Odeous and her crew’s latest decision to fund Internation Planned Parenthood as part of  Motherhood Stevie’s (as the folks of Dammit Janet refer to him) ‘aid package’ to help mothers and children in developing countries. Yes, after defunding IPPP in 2009, Bevie Odeous and CIDA decided to give them funding with the condition that this does NOT fund any abortions and in fact, only goes to countries where abortion is illegal .  This of course, is just enough to make Mr. Trost and his fetus fetish fan club quite pissed, to say the very least.  Gee, Brad, why so glum, chum? Your boss and your buddy Bevie still ain’t funding safe abortions where they’re very much needed.

Fern Hill at Dammit Janet have been following this story. You can catch her posts here and here . Both, as usual, are good reads.  However, unlike her assessment, I don’t believe ol’ bad Brad will be ignored or even smacked down by Stevie Spiteful for speaking out of line. In fact, given Stevie’s rather eerie lack of any reaction of any sort to Bratty Brad’s temper tantrum, one has to wonder if this is all playing out exactly how Stevie wants it to–bringing the abortion debate back through a back bencher–more specifically, time to turn the heat up a notch on that frog again.  Stevie is very much a fetus fetishist and anyone who believes otherwise is kidding themselves. I mean, if anyone bothers to look, there is evidence of that out there, his born again Christianity, mentors like that of Ernest and Preston Manning and “Bible Bill” Aberhart , the misogyny; he couldn’t be anything else but.  Also, let’s look at who is parliamentary secretary is, none other than Dean of Gastroenteritis, the guy who goes all weepy and blubbers on a podium at fetus festivities.

Last night, ol’ bad Brad goes on the big tv screen with Evan Solomon to continue his temper tantrum . He must’ve been so beside himself, he appeared confused!

Speaking to CBC’s Evan Solomon, host of Power & Politics , Trost said the government should “take a position that’s at least moderate, rather than the extreme left position that we’re taking.”

Extreme left position? Is that what he calls issuing conditions for funding provided it goes to only countries where abortion is illegal??  Take a position that’s moderate?? What’s that supposed to mean in the world according to bad Brad? No funding for any of these organizations all together? Then, what would be the ‘right’ position, in the world according to bad Brad, then?

Oops! Here’s where he gets a tad confused.

“I don’t think the government takes an actively left-wing position, but the government has taken an apathetic position toward it, and I don’t feel that’s appropriate. I feel that it’s a civil rights issue that needs to be addressed,” Trost said.

Now he doesn’t think his government has taken an ‘actively left-wing position’.  Oh, bad Brad, make up your mind, will ya? First you say they take a ‘left position’ then you say they’re not taking an ‘actively left position’. Which is it? Not really important, mind you. I merely wanted to highlight just how confused some of these prolifers can be.  He also switches to say that the government is apathetic on the question. I think apathetic regarding women’s issues of any kind is the last thing I’d call Big Daddy Stevie and his puppets. Misogynistic would be more the word I’m looking for.

Oh, and furthermore, I do believe Bratty Brad has gotten his wish out of all this! He is bringing abortion to the forefront again. Yep! Indeed the abortion debate is rearing its’ ugly head again, but unlike bad Brad, I wouldn’t put the blame entirely on Bevie Odeous. No, this is Bad Brad’s handy work, for the most part. He’s just twisting it around like most good politicians do. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this is Brad Trost’s public temper tantrum is fake. I’m sure he’s all ga ga giddy in private.  After all, isn’t this what every fetus fetishist and their followers have all been crying loudly for for so long now? To reopen that nasty debate on abortion? I contend that they’re about to get their wish. And yes, if I were a gambling woman, I’d bet big on this one.

I also contend that Stevie, hisself, may well be provoking this, after all, if Stevie started having any soft spot in any shape or form for any Planned Parenthood group, I think we woulda heard his parliamentary secretary blubbering by now.

Also, , Bevie Odeous wouldn’t dare agree to fund IPPP, conditions or no conditions without Big Daddy Stevie’s say so and Bevie certainly doesn’t want to get caught again doctoring anymore documents.

Let’s also remember what happened to Diane Ablonczy when she decided to fund Toronto Pride all by her lonesome.  It just doesn’t happen without some serious consequences, like a demotion.

It is a carefully engineered provokation, indeed.

I think it’s high time to refresh our memories as to the women’s groups who have done good work over the years that Stevie Spiteful has cut funding to :

1. Aboriginal Healing Foundation
(cuts affected several healing centres that focused on providing support to abused women, such as the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal)
2. Action travail des femmes
3. Alberta Network of Immigrant Women
4. Association féminine d’éducation et d’action sociale (AFEAS)
5. Canadian Child Care Federation
6. Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW)
7. Centre de documentation sur l’éducation des adultes et la condition féminine
8. Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada
9. Child Care Resource and Research Unit, SpeciaLink
10. Conseil d’intervention pour l’accès des femmes au travail (CIAFT)
11. Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women Toronto
(funding cut by CIC in December 2010)
12. Feminists for Just and Equitable Public Policy (FemJEPP) in Nova Scotia
13. First Nations Child and Family Caring Society
14. International Planned Parenthood Federation
15. Marie Stopes International,
a maternal health agency, has received only a promise of “conditional” funding IF it avoids any & all connection with abortion
16. MATCH International
17. National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL)
18. Native Women’s Association of Canada
19. New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity
20. Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses (OAITH)
21. Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care
22. Réseau des Tables régionales de groupes de femmes du Québec
23. Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre, Toronto
24. Sisters in Spirit
25. South Asian Women’s Centre
26. Status of Women Canada
(mandate also changed to exclude “gender equality and political justice” and to ban all advocacy, policy research and lobbying)
27. Tri-Country Women’s Centre Society
28. Womanspace Resource Centre (Lethbridge, Alberta)
29. Women for Community Economic Development in Southwest Nova Scotia (WCEDSN)
30. Women’s Innovative Justice Initiative – Nova Scotia
31. Workplace Equity/Employment Equity Program

Click the link above if you know of another group not on this list that was cut by Stevie and his hatchet men so that they may add it.

By contrast, let’s look at the religious groups that Stevie has been funding , shall we?

  • Private Theological Schools
  • Winnipeg Youth For Christ
  • Chakam School of the Bible in Prince George
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators (the one Gilles Duceppe relentlessly mocked Stevie for)
  • Catholic Youth Organization of the Diocese of Hamilton
  • Good Shepherd Venture Center
  • Redeemer University College and soccer field (I guess religious fundies need their sports)
  • Hamilton’s Religious Cycle
  • Marianopolis College (also private)

I’m sure there are more and if anyone knows of any other religious themed groups, by all means, please submit them in the comments section.

I republished both lists above simply to illustrate that Christian fundamentalism and not women’s rights supercede all in the world according to Stevie Spiteful and it is important to never lose sight of that. One thing Christian fundies loathe is women’s reproductive rights–they don’t want them to have them.

Still not a believer?

Ok, let’s go back to Con senator Nancy Ruth’s “Shut the fuck up” melt down , where she pretty much implied, “nice rights you got there…would be a shame if you lose ‘em…

“shut the f— up” or risk Prime Minister Stephen Harper taking even more harsh measures – abroad, or maybe even at home if abortion becomes an election issue.

All the links on that post should still work, including the audio.

No, Stevie ain’t allowing Bevie to fund IPPP out of the goodness of his heart, with or without abortion conditions. If he really cared, he wouldn’t have defunded those other groups in the first place.

Remember one rule of thumb, boys ‘n’ girls, if something Stevie is doing looks too good to be true, that’s because it is.

At the very least, if Stevie were ‘indifferent’ when it came to abortion at worst, then he would be just as ambivolent on whether or not these aid groups funded or performed abortions or not instead of always making it a rather splashy point to make sure that abortions were not funded by Canadian funds.

One has to wonder why Stevie and Odeous would decide to fund IPPP after defunding it in 2009.

Boys ‘n’ girls,  I don’t think Bratty Brad will be the one applying a lesson here.  I strongly believe this is vintage Stevie here and Bratty Brad is playing into his hands–he’s just too stupid to realize it.  For that matter, so is Bevie Odeous, and the rest of ‘em.

Check it out, another one of my predictions; a private members’ bill from Bratty Brad or one of them, those fetus fetishist Harpercons are just so numerous will pass one. Stevie has always allowed his puppets to vote the way they want on those abortion bills. They have a majority, so…well, you do the math. No, we cannot sit on our laurels and trust that our reproductive rights will be maintained under the Stevie spiteful majority, boys ‘n’ girls. It will be up to us to keep fighting to maintain them.

You know how folks and media types have been hounding Timmy Hudak to state his position on abortion and the funding of it and what he would do as premier? I think it’s high time for the opposition parties to do the same with Stevie Spiteful. Enough with the games. It’s time to back him into a corner.

I leave you with Stevie’s parliamentary secretary in a performance of his lifetime.

Dramatic, ain’t he?

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