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Bully Away The Gay is A-OK, According To Religious Wingnuts

Religious zealots like the Charles McVetys of this world are getting more certifiable by the day as they pervert religion further.   Well, now some of these zealots have really outdone themselves this time around as they are opposing an anti-bullying bill tabled by the McGuinty government, as they think it’s some weird radical sexual education program that’s out to corrupt all the little kiddies.

The Institute for Canadian Values held a news conference Tuesday, condemning the premier for a section of the new anti-bullying legislation that allows for all publicly funded school boards to “host gay clubs.”

The Institute’s president is Dr. Charles McVety, a politically savvy evangelist who was against proposed changes to the provincial physical health and education curriculum last year. Those changes included discussing same-sex couples with Grade 3 students.

“We don’t understand why this keeps coming back,” McVety said.

What does he mean by ‘keeps coming back’?  Gay kids never went away. Is he disappointed that they haven’t all either committed suicide, died from something or was murdered in some gay bashing incident?  Oh Chuckles, why don’t you come out and just say that you love the idea of kids beating the crap out of kids who are just a tad different?  Because, honestly, in opposing any measures that would keep kids safe and providing a secure learning environment in their schools, no matter who they are, that’s exactly what he and his friends are saying.

Let’s meet the three stooges opposing, shall we?

Big City Lib has graciously provided details as to who they are, so if you want a more indepth introduction, by all means, go to his page .  Briefly, (right to left) they are Rabbi Mendel “Gays are an abomination” Kaplan, rabbi for York Region Police ( I wonder how someone like that gets a position like that?), Rondo Thomas (doesn’t that name just scream Evangelical wingnut?) who is one of Chuckles McVety’s friends and did run for the Harpercons in 2006 and of course,  Jack Fonseca of the Campaign Life Coalition (why do I get the feeling that those people for ‘life’ are ga ga giddy for capital punishment?).

Oh, and their arguments are more than ridiculous , I might add.

“The anti-bullying legislation that Mr. McGuinty is proposing constitutes a violation of our religious freedoms that are guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and further to that, it violates the common law of separation of church and state,” he said.

So their religion dictates bullying children? Tormenting them to the point where their school is no longer a secure environment to learn in is perfectly fine in the eyes of Gawd?  Preventing bullying and teaching tolerance is unconstitutional? Compassion and attempting to save young lives goes against their religious beliefs?  Who’d a thunk it?

3 comments to Bully Away The Gay is A-OK, According To Religious Wingnuts

  • Alison S

    Well said.

  • Ken_M

    I don’t know who these three wise men are but McVety is a well known self-righteous homophobic bigot. Did I leave any adjectives out? I suspect that he is in favour of bullying because he was bullied as a kid, and it just wouldn’t be fair for other kids not to go through the same thing.

    In fact, their entire campaign against this legislation is the ultimate bully tactic. Change the legislation or we will bring a charter challenge. I would love to see a charter challenge on this. Hopefully it will backfire and separate church further from the state.

  • ron wilton

    Odd that the biggest bully in the Harper government doesn’t have the cajones to come out of his closet.