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I see the BC Liberals have learned from Harper’s Ignatieff attack ads

Watching the Canucks. Ad comes on real slick-like. I mean Conservative slick. It’s a BC Liberals ad attacking NDP’s Adrian Dix. I swear the ad could’ve been made by the Cons. It looks and sounds exactly like any of the many Ignatieff attack ads. Oh, here it comes again. And again.

Mmm. Looks like someone in the Liberal camp has learned from the Conservatives’ superlative messaging after all. Slick ads during hockey games. Attack ad, too. Repetition.

Too bad it’s the quasi-Conservative BC Liberals doing the learning. Will the NDP do like the fed Libs and fail to adequately respond? I fear the worst here. Been there. Seen it all before. Feel a little sick knowing the outcome. Very Conservative.

Could it be the federal Libs will follow suit against the Conservatives? I’d have to see it to believe it.

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6 comments to I see the BC Liberals have learned from Harper’s Ignatieff attack ads

  • ron wilton

    These attack ads just add to the great disappointment our preemy has been to the many hopeful that things would improve with her in charge at Lieberalland.

    This may explain why her previous union was so short lived as well.

  • Kim

    BC Libs is a misnomer. They are Conservative through and through.

    As for Risky Dix and Cummins, Christy could run into trouble with the STD aware crowd and the single white male.

  • Logan

    I’m not at all to see these attacks. I’m more then sure that this one has been in the can for a while now and the BC Libs were looking for a good time to bring it out. Dix is doing amazingly (and surprisingly) well against the Conser…wait, I’m sorry, I mean the BC Liberals. I very much hope that the BC NDP go the high ground and continue to focus on what BCers want and not shift the focus to attacking. Canadians proved in the Federal Election sof 2011 that they are willing to listen to a positive message. The Federal NDP had numerous adds that were very positive and uplifting, and I’m sure everyone remembers Christy Crunch [youtube This was slick, funny and showed people that you can be critical without being mean.

    Also, David Schreck has done an excellent job at rebutting all the the claims made in this video. Please see his article in The Tyee Five False Claims in Libs’ Attack Ad on Dix

    Jymn Reply:

    While I abhor any negative ads between the Liberals and the NDP, I do think they are effective. That’s been proven. Voters say they don’t like them but they vote based in a large part upon them. Especially the hockey-watching demo. While I thought the capturing of Dix stuttering was over-the-top and the falsehoods contained therein are despicable, if the NDP and Liberals do not learn to use these tactics they will key losing to the Conservatives. Christy Crunch was effective and more of the same would be welcomed. But with a majority established by the Cons, it is time for the federal opposition to take off its gloves. Pull out the fancy, hard-hitting ads, be even-tempered but humorous in debates, and bring the fact-checking. That’s what gets to voters. Being considered soft by a large part of our population is not reassuring. Many of those people watch the Conservative TSN. Time is of the essence. The opposition needs to evaluate its weaknesses and attribute them to the Cons. Attack three or four positions only and use repetition. It’s subliminal. Just keep hitting. If it takes embarrassing images of the Con pols so be it. Hit. Hit. Hit. Take the gloves off. This ain’t hockey, it’s politics and PR.

  • G.J.W.

    Everywhere I go, I hear what people would do to the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, if they ever got their hands on them. I honestly don’t know a soul, that has any use for the BC Liberals. They have now raised, ICBC rates, because Campbell thieved $778 million from them. That money is our money, and it should have gone back to the people, in lower insurance rates. Health care has also been jacked up. Both heat and hydro have gone way up. Food costs have gone up 25%, and are going higher, because of the gasoline ripoff prices. Then we have the HST on pretty much everything. The HST on top of all the tax hikes, is an outrage.

    Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have thieved this province and the people, right down to the bare bones. Everyone knows, Christy, Campbell and the BC Liberals lie, it’s common knowledge. They succeed at nothing, but more strife for the people.

  • Andrew

    This is not surprising as many of the people who work for the federal Conservatives also do campaign work for the BC Liberals.