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Johnny Kay And Other Canadian Media Personalities; Your Hypocrisy is Just Stunning!

It really is awesome, too. I can’t believe this but after everything I hear from conservative Anglo media as well as what is written on comment boards regarding Pauline Marois and the PQ being Xenophobic (Johnny Kay used “the most Xenophobic” to describe her).  What is more stunning is that Johnny Kay blasts La Marois over her xenophobia just after yesterday’s  tweet , about how Jewish extremists  look as bad as arabs. Now is where we juxtapose, boys ‘n’ girls.  Go read Jymn’s post from last night as well as that from Dr. Dawg .  (And Johnny, save the 140 character excuse;  that’s why Gawd invented . Been around for years.  Don’t tell me you don’t know that ap). My point is that anyone who has read or at least glanced through ol’ Johnny Kay’s columns in the Nasty Post would know that ol’ Johnny Kay, hisself,  has complained about Muslims in Canada; doesn’t seem to want any more immigration from dusky skinned people with funny names.  Not only that, how often have we heard the homophobia and the fetus fetishing from ol’ mama Babs?  Johnny, nor his mama particularly care for the LGBT community or women’s rights neither.

Yep, for whatever reason, La Marois has decided to cozy up to the most paranoid of  French supremacists. Don’t know why though.  Those so-called hardliners are of a minority, I’m sure.   The separatists I talk to on a daily basis don’t agree with everything La Marois has said and done as of late, regarding a secular charter  and reduced access to English language CEGEPs and the like, but, you know, go read Franky Legault’s CAQ platform or whatever you want to call it and check out all that pertain to culture, language and education.  Hint, he wants to remove the compulsory Ethics and world religion class. La Marois might too, but the point is that Franky Legault ain’t much better, and yet the media let’s him off scot free.

For the record, I think La Marois was reacting to the new President of SNC – Lavalin, Robert Card, who was parachuted from Denver and doesn’t speak a word of French.   Not sure what the job description advertised or what criteria potential candidates had to meet, but I do know that in these large companies in Montreal, no matter what job one is applying for, bilingualism is a requirement.  Most places nowadays have their employees writing French tests to check their proficiency. How did Mr. Card get off?  There were 2 Francophones who applied for that same job.   Again, I don’t know if they met the criteria, but surely, SNC-Lavalin could’ve found somebody with the qualifications who is bilingual.  I’m not excusing her. I’m just mentioning one of the recent events that La Marois maybe reacting to. I digress….

Oh and speaking of Xenophobia, compared to La Marois, Mayor Jean Tremblay of the Saguenay has gotten a pretty easy ride over his even more incendiary remarks about Djemila Benhabib, PQ candidate for Trois-Rivieres.  Yep, the poor baby can’t pronounce her name, so she’s basically a threat to Quebec culture.  Trust me, he means anyone with dusky complexion and a funny name.  We haven’t even heard a solid renunciation of this from Premier Johnny Charest, now have we?

I hear the same Conservative radio show hosts who have blasted Islam for whatever reason are now all of a suddent sympathizing with Muslim women in hijabs.   Those same conservative pundits who applaud Jason Kenney’s new immigration policies are now blasting La Marois for wanting Quebec to control its’ own immigration policies. How about Sun Media’s proposal of “locking and loading” of the Tamil migrants?  A pretty violent proposal, I’d say. The list goes on and on. I honestly don’t know what’s worse, the bigotry or the hypocrisy.

For the record, I too, support a secular society. It’s the only way to have peace.  However,  La Marois’s proposal, to say the least, is uneven.  It starts by removing the crucifix from the National Assembly.

Johnny Kay thinks La Marois is getting off easy compared to Dani Smith of Wildrose Alliance in Alberta.  Let’s start off that Dani’s  monkeys were not only bigotted,  but they also proved to be homophobic fetus fetishists. La Marois, with all her faults, at least, can’t add that to her repertoire.  In fact, unlike the rest of Canada,  we’re a pro-choice province and probably most friendly to the LGBT communities.

Yep, those  Angryphones, Conservatives and the like from the corporate media like Johnny Kay and Tash Kheirridin with their anti-immigration, anti Muslim, anti anything that ain’t white and speaks English,  calling La Marois a Xenophobe. Pot. Kettle. Black.  She is at least not a homophobic fetus fetishist. Can Johnny, Tash and “lock ‘n’ load” Sun Media et al say the same thing?   Perhaps if La Marois was as much of a fan of Israel, right or wrong,  as the rest of ‘em, maybe the usual suspects wouldn’t have bothered so much.

Yes, it’s silly to think that the French language is in danger, but no sillier than many Canadians believing that Sharia Law is about to take hold here in Canada and in the rest of the Western world.  It’s definitely no more stupid than many of these same people complaining about images of Asian looking women on 100$ bills.  Or how about the height of stupidity of many getting paranoid that whites will be the minority in Canada or elsewhere ? I particularly love that it’s the same people who are members of the Geert Wilders’ fan club and praise France for banning hijabs and other religious symbols, but give La Marois a smack down for it.  Uh what’s good for the goose ain’t good for the gander?

Until these people can stop and look at themselves in the mirror, they really shouldn’t talk.  Or maybe it’s ok for right winged Angryphones but not for La Marois? Yep, the hypocrisy is just stunning.

2 comments to Johnny Kay And Other Canadian Media Personalities; Your Hypocrisy is Just Stunning!

  • Jymn

    Whiny, too.

  • Jeff

    I doubt that passing a language test would be relevant for selecting the SNC-Lavalin president.

    The only test required would be a psychopathy test. You pass that one and you’ve got the job.