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Gee, That Was Fast! M-312 Dies and 24 Hours Later, M-408 Crawls out of The Woodwork!

Boys ‘n’ girls, I expressed concern that another hideous fetus bill or motion would be tabled sooner rather than later . I think many of us had that sick feeling.  This evening, we were Proven right.  The new wank face of fetus is Langley Harpercon, Mark Warawa AKA ra ra war.  He is supporting his widdle Rona Ambrose here.  Oh, and by the by, as of yesterday,  there is no longer  a Minister for the Status of Women. Rona, from here on out, should be referred to as the Minister for the Status of Fetus.  You guessed it, boys ‘n’ girls. Meet M-408 !

M-408   “That the House condemn discrimination against females occurring through sex-selective pregnancy termination.”

Ok,  I’ve already said this before. If one is really concerned about so-called sex-selective abortion, passing ridiculous bills setting women’s rights back about 50 years is not the solution. Like I said, one only has to visit a Chinese orphanage to see that.  No, if  we were really serious about gender selection,  we would address the true problem — inequality between the sexes.  For many, sadly, sons are held to more value than daughters.  Education is needed.   As a society, we need to stop discriminating against women. Unfortunately,  sex discrimination is still very much alive and well. Hell, Rona, I thought  that a minister for the status of women should be showing leadership on that front.  But no,  you voted in favour of a ridiculously underhanded motion to strip away women’s rights. Turn us into baby factories– ambulatory incubators without rights.   So, Ra Ra War and Rona,  put your money where your mouth is — are you going to show leadership and educate all about equality amongst the sexes? Oh, yeah!  Almost forgot, Harpercon women are stepford MPs. And Herr Stevie Spiteful would never allow gender equality.  To summarize.  Attitudes need to be changed; not the addition of ridiculous backhanded motions and bills.  But, boys ‘n’ girls, we know where the likes of ra ra war and Rona really stand on this issue, don’t we?  If they were really serious about sex selection, they would aim to change these patriarchal attitudes instead.  No, this is a bunch of fetus fetishists, feverishly determined to set women’s rights back about 50 years.  Stevie Spiteful, no doubt, be tickled blue to allow M-408 to see the light of day.  I only hope that MPs won’t be fooled by  the so-called concerns for sex selective abortions.

4 comments to Gee, That Was Fast! M-312 Dies and 24 Hours Later, M-408 Crawls out of The Woodwork!

  • Bina

    Hear hear, well said. Sexism, not abortion, is the problem. But of course, the SupposiTories WANT gender inequality. Because women being paid and valued less is more profitable for their corporate cronies, natch. And it’s also a good wedge for driving down MEN’s wages, which should interest our brothers too, if they care about making a living in this country. More births will not remedy THAT social problem, no matter what anyone says.

  • Owen Gray

    If there was anything good to come out of the vote, ck, it was a peek at who these people really are. And, although it’s no surprise to find out who they are, at least we can now match policies and faces.

  • Beijing York

    I think this is going to be a tougher fight since it’s designed as a wedge issue – the degradation of the female gender vs. protection of women’s right to choose.

    I can see 3 key issues to fight this: hypocrisy from those who are against pay equity and national daycare etc; racism from those who find it totally acceptable to crap on immigrants and refugees; and dishonesty from those who hate facts and figures given that the majority of abortions are performed before the 12th week when gender cannot be detected by a scan.

    (Wish me luck – the CAPTCHA Code ate my last entry.)

    ck Reply:

    Not the first time I’ve been hearing from commenters that the captcha code is eating their entries. I will have to try to find another version or something. Unfortunately, not having the captcha code is not an option as before I put it in, I had a whole truck load of spam bots.