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Is the National Post working in tandem with Sun News?

I can’t help but notice that National Post’s Jonathan Kay has been trumpeting Sun News Network and Ezra Levant lately. Which seems odd in that Kay works for Sun Media’s primary competitor, Postmedia.

It’s not just the free praise and publicity that Kay has showered on Levant and co. It’s most likely a coincidence but it almost seems that Kay and the National Post are coordinating reporting and opinion columns in the newspaper with the struggling news network. Can you tell the difference in the following two articles, one from Kay and the other from Sun’s Brian Lilley? One could almost be excused for being a little suspicious. It’s at best odd.

It’s not just Kay. Jon Ivison and Christie Blatchford (and of course Kay) have been relentless on covering the plight of our Natives, each using racial language to diminish First Nations in almost the identical obsessive manner used by Levant’s station.

Remember that silly Trudeau Alberta video that set the media on fire awhile ago? Guess who pushed the Sun News Network-derived video as a news item? Andrew Coyne in the National Post. See a pattern emerging here? Odd indeed.

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4 comments to Is the National Post working in tandem with Sun News?

  • Okie

    A Globe article says twenty Canadian first nations have made two presentations before a UN Committee, in which there are complaints about items published in the Sun Media newspaper chain as well as a column in the National Post.

    Can imagine the litres of spittle and contorted facial expressions that will cause.

  • Kenneth Yurchuk

    The Sun, the Post and to a degree the Globe and Mail march nin lockstep in support of the Harperites. No great surprise there.

  • Beijing York

    No surprise but infuriating. North American print media has always pretended to be the purveyors of impartial news while serving corporate interests responsible for ad buys. At least in Europe there was an open tradition of branding papers on a political spectrum; Le Figaro was the newspaper of choice for the right wing while the Manchester Guardian defined itself as a left wing paper. We have never had rich diversity of opinion in the press but at least we used to have better quality reporting until downsizing and amalgamation cut into that.

  • Kim

    Infuriating is right.

    Shame on these people for inciting racial hatred. That used to be illegal in this country.