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The Language of Oppression

Our Scientists.  Civil Servants.  Librarians and Archivists (?  Yes, you read that correctly, Librarians and Archivists). Our Members of Parliament.  Journalists.  Activists.  Charitable and Environmental Orgs.  Have I missed anyone?
I have a problem with the way muzzled gets used these days.  In this Governments actions and in the casual way the word is used in the Press to describe Censorship .  From now on, I’m going to call it like I see it.  Censorship is being used by our Harper Regime Government.
Election irregularities.
In and out.  Robocalls.  Impersonating Elections Officers.  Misdirecting voters to nonexistant polling stations.  Voter supression.  Illegal Corporate donations.  Parachuting vetted candidates into ridings.  Collecting data on electors into CIMS.  Attack ads.  Using operatives from across the border (Front Porch Strategies). Illegal.  Fraud.  This is Elections Fraud and it is a Criminal Offence.  So let’s not pussyfoot around this issue.  Fraud is a Crime.
Okay, there is some journalism going on, but mostly it’s pretty weak tea they’re serving in the Canadian Press these days.  The Editorial Boards wreak havoc with the headlines, twisting words around in some kind of excruciating doublespeak, knowing that most people tend to scan headlines rather than actually read and research.  The concentration of ownership of almost all of the major daily newspapers and television news media to a small number of extreme right winged elitists.  The cozy relationships between journalists and government.  Senate appointments.  Lavish parties and perks.  Lucerative government advertising contracts.  It’s not journalism, it’s Propaganda .
The Conservatives like to toss this word around, in the context of public sector union benefits like sick leave and a pension plan, Employment Insurance, the Canadian Pension Plan and Universal Health Care.  These social programs and collective agreements are not entitlements that drain our Treasury, they are paid for by the people and are the result of years of consensus towards building a civil society.  The real sense of entitlement comes from the executive class, the politicians and CEOs, who avoid taxes and enjoy perks and expense accounts.  They feel entitled to them, like royalty and hockey players.  When questioned about the astronomical compensation packages they feel so entitled to, they point to eachother and say, look, the [insert celebrity/CEO here] gets his entitlements and I am at least as important as him.  The truth is that none of these people are all that important to our general well being as a society.  These entitlements amount to theft from the public.
Harper and his caucus, with the complicity of the Media, have taken to slipping this word into the context of “anyone who disagrees with the official objectives”.  You’re either with us, or your with the terrorists/child pornographers/foreigners.  RCMP have set up an anti terrorist unit in Oilberta.  CSIS spies on native women, environmentalists, bloggers and other subversive people who try to raise awareness in the public of transgressions against the public good.  On the radar of the enforcement branch of the executive class.  We all know that the real extremists are the Bankers, the Oil Barons and the 1%.  Ripping holes into our country that can be viewed by Commander Hadfield, except, as a Canadian scientist, he’s probably not allowed to show that without having it okayed through the PMO.  Seriously.  Potentially, everyone who disagrees with these disasterous policies is an extremist, aka, domestic terrorist.  And the civil police forces are now equipped better than our Canadian Armed Forces (Royal or otherwise).
There are so many more examples of this doctrine, especially when you read the titles of any Act introduced by this regime.  It’s textbook Orwellian doublespeak.  Fascists use language like that.  Our fathers and grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers went to a great deal of trouble to fight against this tide.  Now, this time, it laps against our shores.  Free Trade.  Beyond the Borders.  Trans Pacific Partnership.  FIPPA.  CETA.  SOPA.  The end result is Corporate rule.  Slavery.  Extinction.
I just want every citizen to understand that they are being lied to and that it is up to us to stand up to tyranny for the sake of survival.  This is our watch.

7 comments to The Language of Oppression

  • Daryl Smith

    Thanks for telling it like it is, Kim. I wish more people would wake up and realize the dire consequences of continuing to ignore the actions and inactions of the Harper Regime. We are in very serious trouble and the future of our kids and grand-kids is looking very grim indeed right now. Unless we turn things around, babies being born today may grow up not knowing what a wonderful country Canada once was, or how good freedom feels.

    Kim Reply:

    Thanks Daryl, it’s up to us to stop it.

  • SM

    Public Safety minister opposes anti bullying bill

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  • Maharg

    Thanks for providing a clear and succinct assessment of the current state of our so-called Canadian Democracy. By circulating articles like yours to friends and acquaintances, I hope they can grasp the need to fight back against the onslaught of this Orwellian World.

    Kim Reply:

    Sharing is good. Especially when it comes to information.

  • Shell

    I’ve been offline for a bit, Kim, so just read your piece here. It’s excellent! It should be an Opinion Piece in all Cdn Newspapers, imo. Have you thought of submitting it as such. I’m sharing w. contacts, but would love to see a broader distribution. Thanks for this!